Do you have a sales system that educates and nurtures your prospects so that you are their preferred builder of choice for the biggest investment of their lives?

Does your sales process qualify out your leads so you are only dealing with the leads who are ready to move forward and have their finance sorted or Do you spend a lot of time with tyre kickers competing on price just to win the job to keep your guys busy?

By installing the right sales process into your building company, you will be able to:

Information Pack

Sales becomes easy when marketing does the heavy lifting for you. Your info pack delivered prior via courier to the sales/site visit. Positions your company as the to the expert in your niche, allowing you to charge a premium and get paid what you are worth.

Charging For Quotes

Tired of not being paid for all the time it takes to put together a quote? This step by step system gives you the process to charge for your quotes and get paid for your knowledge. Qualify out the tyre kickers by accessing full templates agreements and step by step video instruction.

Presenting your quote and margin

This proven example of how to best present a quote and sales presented. Actual quote from an Auckland Renovation company. Where and how to include your margins for best success. Give the client enough information to feel confident and make a decision, but not too much info where you could be price chopped.

A Sales Process

Is your sales process broken down step-by-step, from day-1 the lead comes in, to day-20 when you get the contract signed? Breaking down each stage into steps allows you to see what is and isn’t working in your process, then alter it to ensure you’re getting the maximum amount out of jobs you want.

Sales Templates

If you think you need help with any of the above

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