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The Builders Ladder - Podcast Episode

Why You Might Be Busy But Broke


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Hey Builders! We know you’re tired of hustling but not seeing your profits grow.

But hold off on cranking up the marketing machine just yet!

The culprit behind your lower paycheck might not be a lack of clients. There’s a bigger factor we need to address first: your NUMBERS.

Consider today’s episode of The Builders Ladder as your business checkup. Grab a pen and paper! Marti will discuss the MUST-ASK monthly questions that’ll get your finances a-OK. 👌

Discover the answers to: 

  • Reverse Engineering Your Profit Goals (0:28)
  • Analyzing Revenue Trends (1:09)
  • Evaluating Profitability with Monthly P/L Statements (1:49)
  • Monitoring Gross Margin (2:15)
  • The Golden Ratio (4:00)
  • Pricing Strategy (5:54)
  • Cash Flow Management (8:23)

At TPB, we’re all about builders like you raking in the profits you deserve. You’re putting in the hard work, and it’s time to reap the rewards!

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Resources Mentioned

Health Audit

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Too many building company owners work long hours for very little profit, aren’t able to spend time with their families, and are stressed to the limit.

This is not your fault.

You can be the best builder in the world but trade school doesn’t teach you how to run a business.

This is why we created The Professional Builder.

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