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Leading product and service provides serving the residential construction industry. Vetted & endorsed by ourselves and our members.

Above: Owen Chambers of The Professional Builder (left) and Daniel Wilkinson of Xact (right)

Xact accounting came highly recommended to us from members who were experiencing success on their CFO advisory program. It complemented our TPB Growth Accelerator, Profitable Projects and Boardroom programs and principles so we knew we had to get in touch.

Daniel is a weapon.

He’s one of the few accountants that actually get’s our industry.

Diligent with the numbers, but plays both defence and offence. Helping to remove mistakes by building reporting while also helping to improve financial results into the future.

Coupled with our programs, and the operating system we provide, we love working with our members who are also working with Dan.

We’ve done workshops for members together on a number of occasions.

You can find replays to some of them below, but here’s what’s usually covered.

  • “Finding the Bottom” and getting out of the sh!t when cashflow, profits and margins are not where they should be.

  • How to correctly prepare and close down for Christmas without killing your cashflow and running out of money.

  • How to run “Profitable Projects” with clear reporting and analysis. ++ More that our members can find at

Get the replays and many of the resources below. When you get in touch with Dan, tell him we sent you and he’ll take good care of you 😉

On-Demand Training/Resources From Xact & TPB:



Get our comprehensive end of year Christmas Shutdown Checklist as well as a Christmas Cashflow Template – everything you need for a stress free Christmas and holiday period.



Hit 20%+ Profit Margins On Every Job With This Proven “Profitable Projects System” (Used By Top Building Companies)


Free masterclass reveals how to keep more money on every project you do.​


BuildXact empowers builders & general contractors to run a more profitable home construction business with complete construction software.

From first takeoff to final invoice, Buildxact will have you quoting more prospects in less time.

BuildXact’s estimating and project management software brings together estimating, job management and budgeting on a single platform. Isn’t it time you had one tool for your construction management? 

On-Demand Training/Resources From BuildXact & TPB:


Discover the 9 margin levers to fix margin creep and stay profitable on every job


Mitre 10 Manukau

Above: Marti Amos from TPB and Chris Fairbairn from Mitre 10 Manukau.

We’re stoked to call Chris a supporter and friend of The Professional Builder since almost the very beginning.

We’ve teamed up and helped builders on more than 10 separate occasions over the last decade to improve their systems and processes from a site to office to procurement perspective all with the goal of saving builders time and money when it comes to working with a supplier and merchant.

During Covid, when material price rises and delays were common, Chris was a massive help guiding our members and answering questions in the community.

  • How to deal with material delays
  • What to do when material prices skyrocket
  • How to best work with your merchant when growing fast
  • How to best work with your merchant when you’re in the shit
  • What a great client to a merchant looks like and how you can be that to get the best results

++ Many other conversations are in the members community at

We recently sat down with Chris to record a podcast which you can access below.

Watch this space for coming up events we have with Mitre10 or enquire in store for an introduction and special “friend of Mitre10” gift we have. 

On-Demand Training/Resources From Mitre10 & TPB:

5 Tips to Partner with Timber Merchants (With Chris Fairbairn)

Joining us today is Chris Fairbairn to talk about dealing with timber merchants. Chris is a Member Principal … 

David Baker started popping up on our social media feed in early 2023….

His content was educational and aligned with what we’re all about. Helping great builders systemise their operations to reclaim time and improve take home profits.

So after a few chats and references from our members who’d used his service, we got him on to the podcast.

Check out that episode below.

David has also worked with our members in coaching sessions and answered questions like…

  • How to work with a QS…
  • What should go into inclusions and exclusions…
  • How to set labour rates correctly and profitably…
  • Working with incomplete drawings and plans…
  • Cost + Vs Fixed Pricing
  • The value of a pricing process that’s… Rapid.

++ Many more.

These sessions are available to our members at

On-Demand Training/Resources From RapidQS & TPB:

How to Price a Construction Project with David Baker of Rapid QS

Your pricing strategy can make or break your construction business! In this episode of The Builder’s Ladder Podcast, we discuss …

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