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Success Stories

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Nathan & Jeff – Pharaoh Construction

Our profit has gone through the roof! and we don't work nights or weekends

Lance Irving – Irving Builders

Lance has hit 26% GP with consistent marketing and learnt the "business side" that they don't teach in your apprenticeship

Alvin Chisnall – Certified Home Extensions

From cold calling (for 2 jobs) to 280 leads in the pipeline going through a systemised 23 stage sales process

Beth & Chris Keane – Keane Building

A family business that went from chaos to control by having the foreman take responsibility

Russell Clark – Licensed Renovations

booked out 6-12 months in advance with great projects in his sweet spot of renovations $200-300k

Lloyd Godfrey – LM Projects

Lloyd Went from start up and is knocking on the door of his $5m goal

Howard & Ann Woolston – Smartway Builders

"We've increased the average dollar sale of OUR jobs from $20k TO $200k in 18 months"

Richard Phiskie – Dimension Builders

Richard has dominated his local town and is expanding with a 2nd location

Nicky & Cory – SLC Builders

we went from $20-30k labour only jobs to $250-300k full contracts

Paul Bateman – Alpha1 Builders

Paul systemised the sales & marketing process and is now getting 20-30 leads a month of their ideal job and clients

Ross Collins – BRS LTD

Ross built a new website and improved his sales process, now he is booked out 10 months in advance

Sanjesh Lal – Keloa

Sanjesh implemented TPB's business systems and is now an award winning company with a great committed team.

Phil Claffey – Character Building

Phil got off the tools and is now cashflow positive with a clear understanding of his numbers

Mat Staples – Repair & Restore

Mat has completely changed the way he does business and knows the true cost of each job.

Client Interviews

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Jonny & Chloe – JN Building

David Wilson – Wilson Construction

Scott Todd – Strathclyde Builders

John McKenzie – Rag Reno’s

Bonnie & Scott – Highfield’s Builders

Zane Beckett – ZB Homes

Toby Tilsey – Craft Homes

Luke Smith – Smith Brothers

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