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Want to find the hidden profits inside your business without taking on more work or adding any extra hours to your week?


I don’t have the money or the time…

There’s a reason some building company owners get results much faster than others and accomplish in 12 months what takes other people 3-5 years…

That’s because they follow a proven system with plug and play templates to version for speed and confidence.

You need 3 things to track your results with certainty:

  1. Content – proven templates, plug and play systems and processes used for acceleration so you don’t reinvent the wheel.
  2. Coaching – to help get you unstuck, get an expert’s opinion and hold you accountable to hit your goals each month.
  3. Community – Join 400+ other residential building company owners on the same journey sharing results of what’s working well and pick their brains to solve your problems… Problems, many have already come out the other side of.

If you are committed to changing and improving your results and put 100% effort into the program, you will see significant improvements in the first 90 days.

The people who get the best results are those who:

  1. Quick to take massive action so they build momentum.
  2. Quick to ask for help when stuck so they can get help and coaching.
  3. Share their wins and lessons in the community each week so they learn, grow and repeat wins while avoiding repeating their mistakes.

If you are committed to changing and improving your results and put 100% effort into the program, you will see significant improvements in the first 90 days.

Will this work for me?

If you’re a residential building company owner, then the short answer is yes. But there is a caveat with that… You’ve got to do the work.You have to turn up to your coaching calls and take action on your game plan. If you do the work, you’ll get the results.

How can we be so sure?

At The Professional Builder all we’ve done is help building company owners for the last 17 years market, price, sell, systemise and run their businesses to make more money and to buy back their time


That is reflected in the countries where our members have had success, including:

  • United States (California, Texas, North Carolina etc)
  • Canada (BC, Toronto, Alberta etc)
  • United Kingdom
  • Australia (Perth, Melbourne, Sydney etc)
  • New Zealand

See our member success stories below

We’ve refined, tested and proven our 131 different profit building strategies with over 5000 building companies. Everything we do is specifically designed to get residential building company owners making more profit while buying back their time.

Who do you work with?

We work exclusively with residential building company owners. Not Plumbers, Electricians, HVAC and Service companies doing maintenance works.

Residential Building Company Owners who are in one of our four phases of the Builders Ladder and are experiencing any of the following...

  • They are fed up working late nights, weekends and aren’t getting time with their families.
  • Not getting paid their worth and are using bank balance accounting to rob Peter to pay Paul.
  • Owners who have all the systems in their head and can’t take a holiday for fear of the projects and sites grinding to a halt…
  • Those finding it hard to attract a good team to help them scale or step off the tools and away from site.
  • Owners who keep getting pulled back in to fix day-to-day issues on site such as variations (change orders), ordering materials, clients, project schedules and sub trades, etc
  • Those competing on price to win work and lowering their margin to keep their guys busy.
  • Great builders who are wanting to build a great business but lack the plan, resources and direction.
  • Owners who need systems and processes to give them stability and resilience so they aren’t so stressed out about cash flow, continuity of leads and work or retaining their team and profits.

All our tools, templates, systems and processes are tailored to plug and play for building company owners who are doing some of the following types of projects…

  • Custom New Builds
  • Knock-Down Rebuilds
  • Extensions
  • Renovations
  • Additions
  • Alterations
  • Remodels
  • Architecturally Designed Homes

Our current members and alumni have specialised in these projects and we continue to refine exact approaches for these prospects, clients, projects, systems, processes and everything that goes into businesses that do these types of projects.

Will this Program work for me?
Why don’t you take a look at our hundreds of case studies and testimonials from all over the world including 1000s of wins from our members they have shared with the community.

Can I have my partner, wife/husband or team join the program?

Yes. This is a resource and investment into

  • You AND
  • Your team AND
  • Your business.

We allow two per team in the Facebook community and one login to the membership site per company. You can have as many people on the 1-1 coaching calls as you like and multiple people attend the group coaching calls that happen weekly.

We also provide a clear roadmap (script, vision training, meeting agenda) of how to get your team onboard and pulling in the same direction when you join the TPB program. We highly recommend sharing the load of implementation and execution with those around you so getting you team involved is something we encourage and try to make as easy as possible.

Bring your business partner/spouse to the call - it’s really important that when you are considering or making decisions about your business everyone is involved in the process and avoids wasting time with follow up calls.

What is the Builders Ladder?
What areas will you help me in?

If you’ve seen the builders ladder you’ll know we help you move through the four phases of every residential building company must master.

  • Survival
  • Stability
  • Scale
  • Success

But furthermore, at a deeper level. We will help you in…

  • Pricing & Estimating
  • Numbers & Financial management
  • Marketing
  • Sales Process
  • Team
  • Onsite Systems
  • Office Processes
  • Leadership & Self Mastery

Each area we have plans, resources, tools and templates and they are divided into the four levels of the builders ladder. For example, in the survival phase there is a larger focus on Pricing & Estimating along with Numbers & Financial Management.

Away from our pillars of tools and resources, we can also help with…

  • Coaching: Our team has expert coaches with experience in different areas of the industry and we connect you with the right one for your particular challenge.
  • Design: We have our in-house designer who can work to design for you, your WOW information pack, and quote as an action plan.
  • Website: Our website division follows the TPB 42 point website checklist to deliver sites that don’t just look like a pretty brochure, but actually convert visitors to leads.
  • Growth: For those who are looking to generate a flow of leads and are needing to outsource this task out of their team, you can apply to have our team run your Google Adwords and other online traffic strategies.
Can you do our website & lead traffic?
Yes we can. We reserve our limited capacity for these services to our members first. Every member of ours, go through a 42-Pont website audit initially and then a game plan is drawn up. We work with those who have no site and need one to get underway, with those whose site looks like it’s from the 1980’s and those whose site looks great but isn’t generating any leads for them.Yes we can. We reserve our limited capacity for these services to our members first. Every member of ours, go through a 42-Pont website audit initially and then a game plan is drawn up. We work with those who have no site and need one to get underway, with those whose site looks like it’s from the 1980’s and those whose site looks great but isn’t generating any leads for them.
When is the best time to get started?
Yesterday... Ok seriously... Right now, today, this minute, before you take another step, waste another dollar, lose another job, work too many more hours, miss another family event, forget another special occasion...

Far too many builders wait and see... They think working harder will make it all better. Remember, what you know got you to where you are... To get to where you want to go, you’ve got to make some changes and most probably, learn something new...

There’s no time like the present to get started on your dreams and goals… That’s why we have programs to suit everyone and key partners to help with investment terms and cashflow, along with our expert coaches to help you take massive action in the first 90 days… All this and our Guarantee to ensure you get results sooner and faster and with less trial and error than you would going at it by yourself.

Who is the Professional Builder?

Marti Amos is the founder of The Professional Builder, his team is made up of experts in their fields and in the building space to give Builders the help they need to build a professional business.

Connect for a chat on facebook here:

Owen Chambers is head of coaching and has personally helped building companies scale and grow their bottom lines by $100s millions in revenue.

Cameron Upton is a marketing wizard and runs digital marketing, website development and strategy for 100s of Residential building companies.

Peter Kim is TPB's head of member success and oversees a team of Client success managers to help members hit their goals through regular accountability.

Russell Clark is the man on the ground at the coal face of building, running a successful renovations business he gives hands on knowledge and support to members.

Matthew Francis is TPB's head growth specialist and leads an international team in charge of outreach and consultations with new residential builders.

Kirsten Burr runs TPB's engine room and administration to ensure smooth sailing each week.

Is TPB Applicable to other trades?

All our tools, templates, systems and processes are tailored to plug and play for people who are doing some of the following types of projects…

  • Custom New Builds
  • Knock-Down Rebuilds
  • Extensions
  • Renovations
  • Additionss
  • Alterations
  • Remodels
  • Architecturally Designed Homes

Our current members and alumni have specialised in these projects and we continue to refine exact approaches for these prospects, clients, projects, systems, processes and everything that goes into businesses that do these projects.

Does TPB include basic level business training or will it assume I’m already up and running?

Our programs cater to members at all levels of the builders ladder. We work with some people who are just getting underway and wanting to fast track results. Others have things working well and are looking to maintain momentum, stay accountable, train their team and get an outside (But Industry Specific) expert opinion.

In short, we provide you with the training you need, for the level you’re at.

We start with a clear strategy, then really get down to details so you can learn, apply and make our resources your own.

We make everything as clear and concise as possible to ensure you can go from great builder to great business owner with as few roadblocks as possible.

Is The Professional Builder a Coaching Program, Course or what?

The Professional Builder is a “Done With You” service.

We provide you with…

  • Plug & Play tools, templates and resources to help run your systems more effectively, helping you to buy back your time.
  • Coaching and community assistance so you can pressure test ideas, get feedback on your work and stay accountable to your plan so you have the best chance of success.
  • Clear road maps and directions so you can fill the “knowledge gap” some members have when it comes to putting systems in place.

So we’re a hybrid. Part course and business in a box, part coaching program and done with you implementation, accountability and execution.

We evolved to this model after working closely with thousands of residential builders over the last 17 year.

We’re only as successful as our members, and this approach gets the best results for people we’ve worked with. It gives you the feedback and coaching while also the speed of execution of having systems ready to go.

Do you review our work and give suggestions or is that reserved for your highest level members?
Yes, we review work in our weekly calls, and this service is available to all our members. We use these sessions to critique, give feedback, and compare with best practice. Our Member Success Managers can critique work sent to them via the Team inbox. They use our checklists and provide both written feedback and video feedback where required.
Who’s active in the online community? Is Marti and the team in there to connect with?
Yes, the whole team is active in the online community. However, the best time to connect with our coaches are in the weekly calls. In these calls, our team can use breakout rooms to dive deeper or feedback from others to help you work through challenges and opportunities.

The online community is great, and the best place to ask specific questions… (Better questions get better answers), But the weekly calls are the best place to get in depth, thorough help and to be clearly connected with the best tools and resources.

An average of 12 members, 2 coaches and 1 member success manager are on the calls. Each call is different, but usually we use breakout rooms to dive deeper into specific challenges and/or sensitive topics as required.

The benefit of having the majority of our calls set up like this is so that others can learn from the community and gain invaluable insight into how others do things.

Our company policy is that everyone gets their questions answered on the call and these calls go as long as they need to so everyone gets what they need and their questions answered.

Can I get 1-1 Help & Coaching?
Ofcourse! We offer this service on certain programs, but make it available on a case-by-case basis to every member regardless of program.

As we’ve said in the past, we’re only as successful as our members are and if you run towards us, not from us we can help with or connect you with almost anything and anyone.

We’ll typically recommend you first come to our group sessions and then from there, connect with a coach for a 1-1 session, but we’re always available to help providing you turn up prepared, with a good, specific question having done the initial training provided to you for the area you’re getting stuck on.

How long do you work with your members for?

We have a range of programs that cater for people across the builders ladder. Typically we work with our members from anywhere from 3-13 months. We’ve had members with us for 3 years though, and many keep coming back. It’s usually because…

  1. They implement the systems, improve their margins and the program essentially becomes free.
  2. They understand that business is a game of mastery and one that never ends. They get value from having a team of coaches and a vault of resources that can be drawn on at any point to make the difficult challenges of running a residential building company easier.
  3. They hand over access to their team who continue to implement, refine and grow from the training and development in the resources available to them.
What happens at the end of whatever program I join?
That’s entirely your decision and depends on what program you’re part of. Some members opt to alter their investments to monthly installments, others decide to sign up for a few years.

You can discuss these options with our team when you reach the end of whatever program you’re on.

Ofcourse, there are certain parts of the program you’ll get to keep and some that will stop, if we do part as friends at the end of your program.

Things like the skills, knowledge, systems, tools, templates, etc… You keep all these. They are yours… Forever… And you can apply them to any future opportunities you may explore, once you have your building company operating well for you.

However, things like our coaching, online community and quarterly events. The welcome boxes and mail packages and updated training material will stop. These are just some of the tangible benefits of being part of the program and once you finish up, you’ll lose access to these things.

There are options however, to continue, regardless of whatever program you’re on. Always at a graduate rate too.

Are there any upsells?
There are no upsells we force anyone to make, nor are there any that are a requirement.

There are options to you if you want to pour gasoline on the fire however. We offer additional services like Websites, Lead Generation, and Design services. These are available exclusively to our members meaning we maximise service and results for those already with us rather than try to grow beyond what we can provide world class results for. If you want to outsource parts of the program to us, we may be available upon application.

What if I can’t make the LIVE call times?
We make our call times flexible since we have members around the world and in lots of different time zones. If you can’t make the times however, every call we do is recorded and uploaded to our membership site. You can access them here after hours, and review them in your own time. Or go back and rewatch, or have your team complete certain calls.
How much time do I need to invest?
How fast do you want to go? No, seriously… We’ve had members complete game plans our coaches have set, in a matter of days… These game plans are typically designed to be completed over 90 days while working 90 minutes a week ON or ABOVE your business.

You see, we exclusively work with residential builders. We know how busy you can be and how many demands on your time there often are…

That’s why we structure our programs to be as straightforward and easy to execute as possible meaning you can focus on getting it done rather than getting it started.

We recommend you choose two times a week no longer than 90 minutes where you can work on the game plans and begin to move the needle. If you put in the work, you’ll get the results and complete your game plan with time to rest and celebrate before resetting a new one.

What makes The Professional Builder any different from other programs, coaches and options out there?

We’ll let you decide that one by reviewing our list of features below…

  • Industry Specific to Residential Construction
  • Team of 7 to help you get results (5x Coaches & 2x Member Success Managers)
  • Over 130+ Strategies, Roadmaps, Tools to help you implement and succeed
  • 4x Quarterly events annually
  • The largest catalogue of Success Stories & Wins in the industry
  • 17 Years of experience and over 5000 building companies coached
  • Tested & Proven Frameworks for Success Including the Builders Ladder & Forecasting Dashboard
Are the training on drip meaning you can only access them one at a time?
No, all training is immediately available and accessible once your signup is completed. We do have a recommended order of execution however, and you’ll be set up with a customised game plan at the beginning of your journey and then every quarter thereafter in our events.
Is this program up to date?
Yes. Any important updates and changes are first released to the group in LIVE calls for a few weeks before being added and refined into the programs.

For example, as the world began to change due to COVID-19 we firstly updated our members with LIVE calls so no students had to wait and then rolled the training into our membership portal.

I’m really new when it comes to business, is this too advanced for me?
Our process for all sections of the program have been designed in the same way… To achieve MAXIMUM Results in the quickest, least painful way possible.

We know our members are strapped for time. They’re often getting into the office after visiting sites or pricing work. Regularly, members know they need to work ON the business, but they don’t enjoy it, or don’t know where to start.

Most sections begin the same way. With a quick wins playbook. This way if you're advanced or a novice, you can build some momentum and get some runs on the board before working on the larger blueprint and strategy.

What if I already have a building company that is operating well but I really want to scale it? How much of this applies to me?

This all applies if you’re wanting to build True Wealth (More Profit & Time) in your Residential Building & Construction Company through the adoption of systems.

You see, you can’t scale chaos or lack of profits… We work with members to scale up the builders ladder in a resilient, sustainable way by ensuring the foundation elements are in place first before we “fill up the bucket with holes in it”... You wouldn’t build up without laying a strong foundation in place first, and the same goes for your business.

That’s why we always start with a full health audit and review with one of our growth specialists. We then first “plug the holes” if there are any...

If you truly are ready to scale, awesome... We have coaches, strategies and tools to accelerate your growth both personally and professionally at every stage and have worked with members to…

  • Set up second and third locations
  • Structure Joint Ventures and Development
  • Install General Managers & Advisors
  • Set the business up for sale
  • Set it up for franchising

So see complete a health audit to identify the gaps. Get the strategies and playbooks to fill those gaps. Then work to grow and scale a business that is already predictable and profitable.

It’s going to take me a while to turn this ship around and get results… What support do I have after I finish a program with you?
The speed at which you get results comes down to how fast you can implement. We’ve seen members achieve an ROI after one week, and most completely recoup their investment on the program by the end of their time with us. If you put the time aside, do the work, follow the process you’ll get the results.

We, as The Professional Builder are only as successful as our members are. That is why we make sure the programs are as clear, concise and results focused as possible. We want to you achieve massive momentum, over your time with us and then hav the systems, skills and tools to go on and remain being successful even without us.

That said, we do have options to remain a member, get support and maintain access even after some of our programs are completed. These often look like remaining in our online community, retaining access to some of our group coaching sessions and attending our quarterly events for a “graduate” special that can be set up as a monthly or annual investment.

How much “extra” investment do I need to put in to make the strategies work?
That depends on if your focus is on Team & Systems, Numbers & Pricing, Sales & Marketing or something else. Whenever there is an extra investment, we typically offer an “on a budget”, “middle of the road” and “Rolls Royce” options. We may also refer you to one of the offers in our partners network so you can claim a discount. Usually though, there is low to no extra investments as we have hundreds of templates to use and resources available as part of the program.

The most common extra investments are advertising spend that can range from $10 a week on social platforms to $1000 a month on Google Adwords Etc. Be always offer guidance and critique before making the larger extra investments.

How in depth does The Professional Builder go on the technical side of building?

Our scope of play is to help you buy back your time and improve your profits by installing systems in three primary areas.

  • Team & Systems
  • Numbers & Pricing
  • Sales & Marketing

We work exclusively with residential builders so we’re pretty dialed in to the best solutions to the biggest problems for our members.

That being said, rarely do great things happen while getting bogged down in the weeds of your business. Because we service members from around the world, we don’t get too deep into the weeds where a local expert could provide just as good of a solution. We don’t do local councils, local tax obligations and local building code requirements. We do, do, world class systems to help great builders build great businesses.

Does TPB recommend or partner with specific technology stacks? Should I be getting specific software to apply these strategies?
We don’t “partner” with specific technologies because we haven’t found one to be “the best”. We recommend specific softwares for pricing/estimating, project management and labour tracking and sales… But there is never one size fits all.

Our systems can be integrated and/or independent to most of the leading softwares, and we recommend consulting with our membership base, connecting with a few who use what you’re considering and then trialing one to see how it works for you and your situation. Ask our team about our software comparison chart if you’d like to see the top options and features.

Is TPB geared toward certain niches, or can the strategies taught be applied across the board?

All our tools, templates, systems and processes are tailored to plug and play for people who are doing some of the following types of projects…

  • Custom New Builds
  • Knock-Down Rebuilds
  • Extensions
  • Renovations
  • Additions
  • Alterations
  • Remodels
  • Architecturally Designed Homes

Our current members and alumni have specialised in these projects and we continue to refine exact approaches for these prospects, clients, projects, systems, processes and everything that goes into businesses that do these projects.

What is the primary focus of TPB? For example, is it just a marketing program aimed at increasing revenue?
TPB exists to help residential building company owners make more profit and buy back their time: build true wealth. While the program focuses on… Team & Systems, Sales & Marketing, Numbers & Pricing. It also serves as a resource for leadership, mindset, community, mateship, momentum and more.

For some of our members, they use our tools, resources, coaches and community to increase revenue. But most apply the systems to increase profit so they can make what they're worth, while also increasing the time they can choose to spend on family, friends, themselves or new opportunities.

Finally, is TPB for me?
The only way to be sure that this program is a fit for you, and that you are a fit for this program is to book a call, attend the call, and our staff will evaluate your situation and see if we can help. We will absolutely not sell you anything unless we believe you will get a massive return on investment. Our success rate is extremely high for those that actually attend the calls, and apply the program and systems - almost 100% - the reason for this is simply because we only work with people we know we can help. The only way to know that is to jump on a call with our team.

We look forward to speaking with you.

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