On Average Our Members

Get Back 8+ Hours Each Week

Increase their Gross Profit By 31%

Get Booked Out With 6-12 Months With Profitable Work

*From an internal survey of members, conducted September 2022

On Average Our Members

Get Back 8+ Hours Each Week

Increase their Gross Profit By 31%

Get Booked Out With 6-12 Months With Profitable Work

*From an internal survey of members, conducted September 2022

The Step-By-Step Process For Building A Residential Construction Business That Gives You Both
More Money + More Time

What’s Your #1 Challenge Right Now?

I Need Help With Profit & Cashflow

Lumpy cashflow, some months and think you should have more money in the bank, does your end of year statement look lower than you thought?

I Need Help With Sales & Marketing

Lack of work or constantly dealing with time wasting clients? or maybe you need a better way to filter out bad clients so you dont compete on price.

I Need Help With Systems & Building A Team

Stop babysitting the team & getting pulled back on site to fix issues. Install proven scorecards for each role so you can feel confident stepping away.

Which Type Of Builder Are You?


  • You handle everything on your own – pricing, sub trades, clients, sales, marketing, team, admin, paper work – the list never ends…
  • You’re always stuck onsite and can’t leave without everything going sideways…
  • You’re trapped as an employee inside your own business
  • You can’t take time off from work because you can’t trust your team to do a good job without you…
  • You’re working in a busy job instead of running a business…


  • Learn to price for profit so it’s not just a busy job with overheads but instead you get paid a salary + the company has profit
  • Hire help using that profit, usually an apprentice or hammer hand to free you up!
  • Start installing the right systems and checklists on site so the team can deliver a project predictably


Business Owner

  • You don’t have repeatable processes for key systems like pricing, project management, or recruitment…
  • Your income swings up and down but you don’t know why or how to consistently collect high profits…
  • Your business would struggle if you took more than a week off…
  • You can’t replace yourself because you don’t know how to hire the right person for the right roles…


  • Get some help in the office and start removing low $ tasks from your workload
  • Start running marketing campaigns to generate your own work predicably
    • With the work locked in, look at which key roles you need to hire next such as project manager or foreman
  • Work on your sales process to ensure clients see your value and are happy to pay a good margin for your work




  • You’re ready to grow to the next level and build massive wealth…
  • You want to start doing house and land packages, become your own client and keeping 100% of the profits, structure a buy-in on your terms, begin an additional business, set up your current business for sale and/or exit, or all of the above…
  • You want to become the top 1% of builders in the industry and need advice from experts who have already done what you want to achieve…


  • Start planning your exit strategy, do you want to step back or maybe sell the company completely? Get this into a BMD document
  • Ensure key team members are in the right seat and are incentivised correctly
  • See what other assets could benefit the core business and increase cashflow


A lot of building company owners who come to us are tired of three big frustrations:

  1. Not making enough profit
  2. Working nights and weekends
  3. Team not performing

Not to mention the up and down cash flow, not being paid what you are worth, constant price rises eroding your margins, wasting time with unrealistic prospects where the scope of work does not match their budget, material delays stalling contract timelines and wearing all of the hats in the business…

If any of these sound familiar to you, then you are not alone…

Hi, I’m Marti Amos, founder of “TPB” The Professional Builder. 

We work with residential building company owners. 

Since 2004 over 2369+ building company owners have used our trainings and programs to:

  • Build a well systemised professional building company that gives you true wealth.
  • More money and more time.

Depending on where you are on the builders ladder we will help guide you on what strategies are best for you right now for your current situation and goals. 

The 3 Pillars Of Every Successful Construction Company

1. Pipeline (Sales & Marketing)

Create the system for a full pipeline (6-12 months) of High Margin (20-30%) work so you can choose to grow or step back from the day-to-day

2. Process (Team & Systems)

Hire, train & maintain a high-performance team with a great culture (so they stay longer) and accountability (so you can have the confidence to step back and let them get it done)

3. Profit (Numbers & Pricing)

Run the business by the numbers as a real business owner (not a builder with a busy job) + have the tools to price jobs in half the time

Why The Professional Builder?

  • We only work with home builders & remodelers
  • Access to 180+ proven systems used by the top 5% of builders
  • High performance training from experts with over 18 years of experience helping 2,369 business owners from New Zealand, Australia, U.S., U.K., and all around the world
  • Community of builders all on the same journey as you

Success Stories

Beth & Chris Keane – Keane Building

Russell Clark – Licensed Rennovations

Lloyd Godfrey – LM Projects

Here’s How We Help

Get To Know Your Business

Your business lives and dies by its numbers.

Don’t worry if you don’t fully understand your gross margin, value of projects, or sales conversion rate yet.

Our Growth Specialists will show exactly which areas you can improve to immediately increase your profits today.

Understand Your Specific Goals

Everyone’s definition of success is different.

Maybe you want more money, more time, or both.

No matter what stage your business is in, we’ll help you get crystal clear about your goals.

Receive Your Customised Roadmap

Once your goals are defined, we’ll create a roadmap to help you get there as fast as possible.

Your customised roadmap is completely free of charge.

Simply follow the step-by-step guide and you’ll be hitting your profit goals before you know it.



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