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The Builders Ladder - Podcast Episode

The Profitable Way to Grow Your Construction Business (with David Baker of RapidQS)


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Running a construction business can feel like wandering in a forest without a map. You keep going in circles until someone shows you the way out.

That’s where The Professional Builder comes in. We’re here to guide you out of the rut and toward success!

In this episode, Marti Amos, founder of The Professional Builder, joins David Baker of Rapid QS as a podcast guest. From overcoming bankruptcy to building a globally impactful business, Marti’s done it all! He will share the lessons he learned along the way such as:

  • How Marti went from corporate to building business coach (12:55)
  • The importance of adapting your business model to meet the needs of your market. (25:53)
  • How to create a solid sales and marketing strategy for your business. (38:01)
  • Setting a “business maturity date” and strategically hiring team members to scale faster (44:55)
  • Preparing your business for global expansion (from his experiences of expanding TPB internationally) (46:52)

Looking to grow your building company in 2024? Marti and David’s conversation is the perfect starting point. Tune in to gain valuable insights and actionable strategies for scaling your business!

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Too many building company owners work long hours for very little profit, aren’t able to spend time with their families, and are stressed to the limit.

This is not your fault.

You can be the best builder in the world but trade school doesn’t teach you how to run a business.

This is why we created The Professional Builder.

Gaining control over your business doesn’t need to be hard.

Our proven systems have been used by 5,000+ builders from New Zealand, Australia, USA, UK, Canada, and all around the world to get back their freedom.

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