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How to Price a Construction Project with David Baker of Rapid QS


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Your pricing strategy can make or break your construction business!

There are a lot of construction businesses out there that have multiple backlogs because of slow and careful cost counting just to remain profitable. Most of which are afraid of hiring a quantity surveyor to avoid adding to the expensive cost. In the complex world of building and construction, the key to success is balancing high standards and profitability in your projects. 

In this episode of The Builder’s Ladder Podcast, we discuss the art and science of pricing with RapidQS Founder and CEO, David Baker. He is a seasoned Quantity Surveyor with a wealth of knowledge and experience in the building industry. His expertise in pricing, project management, and navigating the nuts and bolts of various building projects has not only enhanced the profitability of numerous projects but also streamlined their execution. 

“Every good tradesman, every good person in the industry should be getting paid for their value, not their time.” – David Baker

Things you will learn in this episode:

  • How David went from throwing out zero line item quotes to building RapidQS 
  • Pricing your projects in a way that ensures profitability and sustainability.
  • Managing projects effectively to stay under budget and maintain quality.
  • The importance of clear communication regarding what is and isn’t included in the project scope.

And if you make it to the end of this episode, we have a surprise that will surely help you jumpstart your efficient pricing strategy!

So hit the play button and listen to this very insightful episode of The Builder’s Ladder Podcast.

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