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Grow Your Construction Business in 2024 with these Proven Strategies


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Predictable, Profitable & Professional. Growing your building company in 2024 is about working harder on smarter things. 

In this episode of The Builders Ladder podcast, Marti and Owen delve into the common construction business strategies they observed from The Professional Builder’s top 5% of members who are in their “Boardroom” program, because, as the saying goes, “Success Leaves Clues.” To make this episode more fun, they attempted to wrap up the episode in 24 minutes. Let’s find out if they managed to beat the timer!

Here are the nuggets they shared in this episode:

  • The best practices of TPB’s top 5% that took their construction business to the next level, including reporting of numbers and weekly meeting rhythms. 
  • How they selected better team members and held them accountable to budget, timelines and quality standards.
  • How they began delegating tasks to work ON their construction business rather than IN their business. Hint, it’s aligned with their Professional Builders Rate…
  • What numbers they tracked, including W.I.P, Cashflow, Margins, Leads…
  • The importance of having non-negotiables and how they enforced these both on site and in the office… AND with clients.
  • How they managed to get out of their comfort zone and handle the uncomfortable tasks all construction company owners have to handle… From talking to an architect, owner, roofer or team member… 

We will explore these takeaways and provide a few examples from our members because here at The Professional Builder, we don’t just offer guidelines; we’re handing you the entire blueprint to a successful construction business!

So crack open a cold one and take some notes on how you can play to win in 2024.

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