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$3Mil to $10Mil Construction Blueprint

With Marti Amos and Owen Chambers

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What do you need to elevate your business to $10Mil in profits? Is it bagging huge projects? Hiring highly-skilled individuals? Getting the best gear and software?

It’s cultivating a winning mindset.

TPB Boardroom Member Richard Phiskie takes us on his journey from renting a property for his young, small family to expanding Dimension Building, his award-winning company, to a $10Mil construction business.

Here are the key takeaways from this amazing session with Rich:

  • Balancing business with his wife and establishing clear boundaries between work and personal time
  • Prioritizing qualities like passion, a willingness to learn, and team compatibility over technical skills when hiring personnel
  • Optimizing time, resources and personnel that enabled Rich to establish a second location in Twizel and expand his team
  • Delegating and promoting staff to bigger responsibilities
  • Marketing and sales process of a premium construction company
  • Creating a loyal, highly-skilled and tight-knit team by being open about sales, P/Ls and construction business know-hows

Curious to learn how The Professional Builder can help a builder like you create a $10Mil Construction Business and bag numerous awards? Rich’s story is the testament to our vision of helping great builders build great businesses. Tune in, jot down notes, and take action ASAP!

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