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About the Podcast

Hosted by Marti Amos and Owen Chambers, the TPB “Builders Ladder” podcast is a weekly show with the latest insights and interviews on what’s working right now for residential building companies.

We believe people learn best through stories and experiences, and we’d appreciate if you’d be willing to share yours with our community.

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Past GuestS & SPEAKERS Include:

Zane Beckett from ZB Homes

Winner of the Deloitte Fast 50 for the fastest growing company in NZ

Wes Watson

Global performance coach and best selling author with 75M+ views on YouTube

Darren Wallbank

Founder of Builda Price

+ Dozens of Successful Building Company Owners From Around the World.

Previous Episodes

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A lot can change in your business in a few months if you work on the right things, like for the builder in this weeks episode. Meet Daniel from Sydney. He joined The Professional Builder last October 2023 seeking to scale up his biz. His results speak for themselves.

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Get Unstuck Faster with the Power of Coaching & Community

For almost 2 decades, The Professional Builder has helped 2,500+ builders achieve business growth. We know your struggles because we've seen them all. The key lesson? You don't have to go at it alone! This episode gives you a sneak peek into our thriving community.

Strategic Hires Every Builder Needs to Grow Their Business

This episode is for builders ready to level up from the daily grind to becoming a true entrepreneur. Here at The Builders Ladder, we'll show you how hiring the right people can help you.

Why Your Marketing Isn’t Working (and How to Fix It)

On this episode of The Builder's Ladder Podcast, Marti and Owen talk about marketing. But it's not just quick tips on how to get your next client. We want to help you create a sustainable marketing process.

How Does Your Building Company Compare?

Take our 43-pt “Business Health Audit” to see how your business compares to others, and identify which areas to focus on for the biggest results (80/20 principal).