Get a Consistent Flow of Profitable Leads

Have you got an automated marketing funnel that’s bringing you leads on autopilot? Online marketing is the most important part of your marketing in this day and age. You can have instant access to your ideal target market within seconds. 63% of building and construction companies still use manual marketing systems – or have no online marketing at all. This is insane. If you get it right, you could be receiving upward of 5 EXTRA job leads a week.

Online Marketing

What Marketing can help you with

Google Adwords

This is the main tool to drive traffic to your website. Get this working for you, and you’re going to have a truckload of jobs flying in your door very quickly.

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

Get your SEO working for you, and immediately cut your traffic spend in half. With organic leads to your building companies site, you can be picking up new jobs in a flash.

Website Best Practice

Your website is your retail site and is critical, it follows best practice, captures and educates.

This system has been tested and proven over the last 13 years with over 500+ building company and gives you step by step exactly what your website needs.

Capture leads 24/7, educate them and have them contact you when they are ready to move forward – all in an automated system without needing any intervention from you.


Are you using Facebook ads to advertise? Did you know you can upload your own personal list to Facebook, then sneakily advertise your business to those people that already know who you are, or who have previously enquired. When used properly in the building and construction industry, Facebook can give you an average ROI of $18.79 per job – that’s pretty sweet!


Are you on Linkedin? Are you using it to get yourself strategic alliance partners? Aligning with the local architects or lawyers can see you with an extra 5 jobs a year, very quickly and very easily… find out how now.


Do you remarket to everyone that’s come to check out your site? Imagine clicking away to another site, with your building companies banners following you. Remarketing can increase the chances of a prospect choosing you to do their job, over your competitor by a insane 64%… Find out how to get it in play now.

Online Marketing Templates

automated marketing
website Domination Plan
facebook ads
facebook ads

OFFline Marketing

Hands on method to generate more leads

Do you think offline marketing is old and broken? This is the furthest thing from the truth. Just because it’s ‘old’ doesn’t mean it doesn’t work anymore. Integrating online and offline marketing is your key to dominating your industry. Putting a quick flyer together, and getting your guys to drop them 3 streets wide during their lunch breaks, on average brings in an extra 3 decent jobs a year. Click here now to check out the best offline marketing strategies you should be using to get new jobs very quickly.

Offline Marketing

What Offline Marketing can help you with

BNI (Business Networking Group)

Are you part of a BNI? This is arguably the quickest and easiest ways to get new jobs and referrals. Being in a BNI will guarantee you at least 3 new jobs a year.

1% Referral System

Word of mouth is the best type of work and leads, but can be inconsistently at best. This system takes word of mouth systemizes it and puts it on steroids for you. You get the emails, FB posts, and step by step templates to plug and play into your business. That rewards your raving fans instead of investing more money into advertising, marketing or sales.

USP (Unique Selling Proposition) & Guarantee

Do you guarantee your work? and we don’t mean the ‘Certified Builders’ or ‘Master Builders’ guarantee. Do you have a guarantee that makes you stand out from the crowd, that would make a prospect choose you over the chippie down the road? A killer guarantee positions you as the expert in your niche and allows you to charge higher prices.


Do you use flyers? Creating a basic flyer and dropping them 3 streets wide, from where your jobs are, can get you an extra 2 leads a week. Just get your guys to drop them during their lunch breaks, offer them an incentive if they get you a job.

What’s On Report

Do you check the What’s On Report? For a small amount of money, you’ll get a list of upcoming jobs that you can get in on.

JV’s (Joint Ventures) & Strategic Alliances

Are you aligned with other people in your industry and niche? Do you get jobs from architects or lawyers? More than 70% of our clients get at least 5 jobs a year through JV’s.


Are you on Linkedin? Are you using it to get yourself strategic alliance partners? Aligning with the local architects or lawyers can see you with an extra 5 jobs a year, very quickly and very easily… find out how now.

Site & Vehicle Signage

Do you have signage around all your jobs? Are your chippie’s vans and utes sign-written? One of our clients gets an extra 8 jobs a year, just from his van signage alone. Get some basic, direct response site signage done up, and start getting free leads. Remember one job will pay off the signage 10-fold.

Offline Marketing Templates

referral programs
Site Signage
plus much more

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