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Mark Up vs Margin Pricing: This Mistake Costs Builders Thousands

Many builders confuse markup and margin, leading to underpriced projects and lost profits. Are you one of them? Join Marti, Owen, and Vinnie as they discuss the difference between markup and margin. This episode is more than a pricing lesson. It's a roadmap to financial clarity and a thriving construction business.

Fixing Profits Before Growth: Why Scaling Chaos Doesn’t Work

Scaling your business without fixing profitability issues and repetitive constraints is like pouring water into a leaky bucket. In this episode, we cover why it's crucial to address profit leaks and systemise key functions of your business before aiming for growth.

4 Stages for Building a Winning Team: Recruitment, Hiring, Onboarding & Management

Are you struggling to attract the right team members? Do you have effective onboarding processes for new employees when they do join your business? This is a common pitfall for most business owners. In this solo episode of the Professional Builders Podcast, Owen breaks down the four stages to evaluate your people processes and offers key actions to improve your recruitment and management strategies.

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Take our 43-pt “Business Health Audit” to see how your business compares to others, and identify which areas to focus on for the biggest results (80/20 principal).