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Please share a little bit  about your company (who you are and the type of work you do).

Best Nest Building Company Ltd, Focus on New Builds, Renovations and Light Commercial

How has your business success affected you personally and your lifestyle?

(This is where you get to really inspire others by sharing your work-life balance setup)

My business partner and I have always had a great work-life balance with 2 of us in the company being able to take frequent holidays when and where we want along with finishing onsite early for golf mid-week or kid pickups, We have also finished on Fridays 99% of the time at 3 pm but have now moved that to 2:30 for the team to have a longer Friday to do things.

The TPB program has given James and Myself direction inside the company of our roles and where I stop doing things and James picks them up for the onsite part of the job.

What was the number one thing you have learnt (so far) from going through the business development process?

To not go for every project and be more selective about jobs and clients and to value my time when it comes to pricing projects

How have you changed as people and leaders of the business?

I have become a lot more open to passing things down to site managers and giving them more responsibility with onsite management and up and coming changes within the day to day running of the business

What would you say to a builder wanting to improve their situation?

Don’t waste any more time and get on board with TPB, I have found it very insightful having the TPB team look over things like our brochures and marketing and to do some fine tweaking so we can secure long and profitable projects in the future.

What’s been the impact on:

Margins – Getting to really understand the numbers of the business has shown me we were doing o.k as a company but with your direction and input I am focused on achieving a higher gross profit when pricing jobs.

Teams – We have found that the team are keen to get onboard with the TPB systems the 300 point quality control checklist weekly scorecards, and giving the site supervisors more control onsite has been great to see

Leads – We have had a good flow of feeds coming in through our own strategic alliances but with the TPB templates and systems of referral fees and a business guarantee, When we do start to implement these I think it will be great to see.

Sales Process – The TPB Scripts are brilliant and give you a direction to lead clients towards the final goal of signing them up, also their ways of qualifying the clients are great.

Numbers – I have only just ripped the plaster off this part with TPB and am excited to delve deep into the business numbers that I have never really had a handle on

How has your mindset changed?

I have always had a great mindset within and outside the company: regular exercise, time off, family time, and very little weekends worked, My mindset has more changed towards the big picture of the company and achieving our BMD and then smashing it out of the park.

Share with me one tactic that’s worked really well for you and it’s impact across the board.

That we are professional and should put ourselves as the experts in our profession, The tactic would be to be confident and control the situations in a way that put you forward as the expert and to be available at the drop of a hat, revert to your default diary as to when you receive and make calls, not just whenever

What is ahead for the next year and beyond for your company?

I am excited for Best Nest Building Company for the next 12 months with a full book of work for the whole team, looking for new people to join the team and really focus on the placement of our systems to our onsite team and construction managers.


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