Do you know and understand the numbers that drive your building company,
pricing your jobs to hit a minimum gross margin (of 20%).

Tired of having your business always on your mind, and worry about how your lack of systems in your Building Company is the main reason why you keep working too many nights and weekends?


What Numbers we will help you with

12 Ways to Improve your Cash Flow

12 Tried and proven strategies to smooth out your cash flow.
If you are tired of having lumpy cash flow or being in Overdraft there will be a game changer for you.
Be cash flow positive as you go through the job, so you never have to go into overdraft again or act as the bank for deals.

27 (Now 151) Tips to make an extra $500-$1000 per job, per week

We collated over 117 building company owner’s best tips and practices.
All with step by step actionable templates you can apply right now to put more money in your bank account.
Covers 6 key areas.

Scheduling Your Jobs

Do you have daily site logs?
Do you know how long it should take to lay down a 200sqm floor?
Do you know how long it’s taking you?
Having a daily site log allows you to moderate the time that should be spent on each job and forecast it for your guys.
If or when it does take longer, you have the ability to query it and focus on fixing the important issues.
Daily site logs allow you to forecast jobs and your gross profit more accurately and can save you a lot of time and headaches.
Having a log also allows you to show your client the breakdown of costs which will increase the trust and credibility factor.

Hiring & Induction Process

Do all your guys have their Site Safe certifications?
Are you up to code, with the new Health & Safety policy?
Do you have a system that checks off who is registered and who isn’t?
Ensuring all your guys have their certs allows you to look for bigger jobs and take advantage of all opportunities that pop up.
Having guys on specific sites that aren’t Site Safe registered can get you into hot water very quickly


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