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Hey there. Marti here from The Professional Builder, and just in St Helliers, my local hood down at the beach. It’s a glorious day. It’s very still. Calm, the water looks absolutely gorgeous when the tides right in, and Rangitoto out there, And looking back to our hood. It’s a great day when there’s no wind. But in Auckland, we find that there’s not a lot of wind. All right. So, what I want to share with you today was the three business books that I’ve read this year that have made the most impact and that will give you a massive leg up for 2019. And I’ve switched from having … Cause I got two small boys. A four-year-old and a seven-year-old. I’ve actually switched from reading books to listening to books in the car mainly. And so I have an app called Audible. You get one book a month. I think it’s 10 bucks a book or something. And the great thing is that why you’re driving around in your car, you can basically make university and get heaps of value listening to different podcasts and different books. So is fantastic for different books and basically turning your car into a university to help you learn about everything.

So my top three books for this year that have made a massive difference. Number one has been Grit by Angela Duckworth. The power of perseverance. And basically, it goes through the whole, about success and business or life or anything. She examined a lot of entrepreneurs, & successful school kids. And found that the people at the top of their game were the people who had the discipline, structure, consistency, and the basic skill set to not overly come into it. Because you can learn skills, but if you persevere, then you can actually achieve anything in your building company. So especially one that comes to mind is sales. Sales is a system and a process. And sure there are some natural born salespeople that are outgoing and have some of the good character traits. But ultimately, sales comes down to a system and a process. And if someone else can learn a system and a process, then you can learn a system and a process. The next key one, so that’s Grit by Angela Duckworth.

The next best one was by a guy called Aubrey Marcus, and it was called Own the Day. So this is all about personal productivity and he goes through … He owns a company called Onnit, O-N-N-I-T. And they’re massive into this nootropics and also any way to improve the human performance. So he goes through right through the structure of your day from waking up, jump in a cold shower. ‘Cause it has to do with the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system. And basically, psychologically it sets you up. If it’s the worst thing you’re gonna do today, you’re gonna be off to a fine start. The next one he has is okay, what are you eating for breakfast. Why should you be eating this? Meditation. So a big thing that I’ve found has made a massive difference in the last 18 months has been meditation. So quite often as entrepreneurs, we’ve got a lot of things going on in our mind, lives, and so forth. This just helps to calm the mind.

And I’ve found meditation … Lance said, actually, it’s like you’re standing on the side of a river. And you’re watching … Instead of being in the river with all the caps and turmoil, it’s like you’re standing on the side, watching the logs drift past in the river. And you can decide how much emotion you attach to it. And it’s actually made us two or three times more productive because you don’t attach all the emotional and psychological angst to things as you’re thinking about them. You just go, okay, great. I’ve gotta implement this today. So they’re the two best books that I’ve found. Grit, the Power of Perseverance, and Own the Day. First one’s by Angela Duckworth, the second one is by Aubrey Marcus. And the last one that all our members rave about is by Chuck Blackman. And it’s called Making Money is Killing your Business. Now, it sounds a little bit peculiar because obviously, you want to make money with your business. And it’s one of the prime reason to be in business. And without it, you won’t have a business.

But most people only focus on making money. And what a business should give you is true wealth. Both more money and more time. So we wanna focus on making money and also doing it in less time. And to do that we need to focus on building this system in your business. So this helps give you that mindset. And at TPB, we give you the frameworks, the systems, and the processes on how to implement those into your business. So you can build a professional company that gives you true wealth. Both more time and more money. So you do that, you gotta build systems. Systems in marketing, sales, onsite, pricing, numbers. So that’s it for me today. Highly recommend, if you don’t have Audible, get it. It’s pretty cheap.

It’s like 10 bucks a month. Turn your car into a university to improve your life. University sounds a bit dumb and boring. There are some great topics on there. And those three books. Grit – Angela Duckworth, Own the Day by Aubrey Marcus, and Making Money is Killing your Business – Chuck Blackman. All right! That’s it from me. I hope you have an awesome day. And smash it. Cheers!