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Marti Amos, Founder of The Professional Builder gives key insights into the core strategic marketing elements that you should be doing in your building company. The aim is to help:

  1. Get you positioned as the authority.
  2. Get you a steady flow of the right kind of jobs.
  3. Position you as an expert.
  4. Nurture and educate your prospects so that they become pre-framed and wanting you as their chosen builder for the biggest investment they’ll have in their lives.
  5. Take you through some of the core strategic elements that help to position you as the go-to builder and take everyone else out of the frame.


The first key thing is What is the role of marketing? Use a specific type of marketing called Direct Response Marketing.


Direct response marketing gets people to opt-in, it takes them down a funnel of education. So that as they go through the decision-making process, they move from,

“I’ve got a problem. What are my potential pains? What’re my potential solutions? Who’s in my evoked set? Who are the particular options that I can choose as a particular builder to solve these pain points?”

And then they move into who’s my ideal builder?”

We’re going to take them through that particular funnel and we’re going to help educate them on the way through direct response marketing that helps to overcome their concerns, educates them why they should choose you and gives them the core criteria on what they should look to choose a building company on, so that they don’t choose solely on price. To do that, we need to educate them about what are the most important variables that they should be choosing a building company so that they’re choosing you.


Now the role of marketing is to generate a consistent and predictable flow of leads so that you’re not relying on hope or on word of mouth. Word of mouth is great. We still want to have word of mouth and in fact, we’re going to teach you how to put on a 1% referral system, the TPB 1% Referral System, so that you get a steady flow of leads and that’s the cream on top that we maximise.

We’re going to educate and nurture people so that we get to know, like, and trust. We are taking the other builders out of the frame and we have these people that we’re educating and nurturing on the way through their buying journey and why they should choose you over anyone else.


We’re going to work out the following:

  • What’s the key Market that you should be targeting?
  • What’s the Message or messages that we’re going to get through to them?
  • What are the different Mediums that we’re going to use? Because not everyone uses one sole type of medium.


TPB Buyers percentage - 70 - 25 - 5

The Marketing 70 – 25 – 5 Rule

Next, we’re going to work out the 5% of people who are ready right now.

  • What do we do to target them and put them through your sales process?
  • What about the 25% of people who are maybe three to 12 months away?
  • And then there’s 70% of people who aren’t interested or aren’t ready now, or maybe their cousin, uncle, brother, is a builder.


Then we’ll work on the key things. So, what do you need to do to test and measure? So, you’re making decisions on data and maths because marketing is maths, not just, “Hey, that’ll be a great idea let’s give that a try.”


Lastly, how do you become that authority or the go-to person who’s positioned at the top, as the Surgeon within your niche so that you can command a premium, get paid what you’re worth and makes the sale a lot easier?

We’re going to crack into it and take you through these core things. They’re going to give you the framework through which you can educate yourself and educate your clients and use these specific tactics within the training.

Let’s crack into it.



The first key thing and this is referred to as the three Ms, or the marketing triangle. Now, the first key thing that we need to be aware of is the market. We need to find out:

  • Who is the type of person we want as our ideal customer?
  • Where do they hang out in the most abundant options?
  • What are their concerns and fears?
  • What are the benefits that they’re looking for from using us?

So, with regards to people, we’re looking at – depending on what type of build. If you’re doing large villa renovations in Auckland, in the upmarket suburbs of say St. Mary’s Bay, Hern Bay, etc., what do these people look like and what do they look like demographic and psychographic wise?

To do that, we need to know where do these people hang out. Where can we get a list of them and how can we attract them?

Once we know what their biggest concerns and fears are, we can start marketing to them, targeting those fears because people will move faster to get away from pain than they will towards pleasure. We can also start to show the benefits of using our systems. So that we can show them, “Hey, we have a trust account that your deposit goes into, so you know exactly where the money for your new build’s going.”

We have a guarantee and the guarantee is a no “yucky things” like:

  • No swearing
  • No dogs on site
  • No loud radios, etc

We guarantee a specific move-in date.

We guarantee that you’ll be able to move in on a specific day. If you don’t, (excluding variations,) then we’ll pay you $117 for every day that we’re late.

So, this might cause you to pay out a little bit. Say if you had to pay 10 days with and you pay an extra $1170. But if that gets you a job at 20% margin instead of 15% you then can systemize things, make sure you guys are controlling the work in progress, make sure they’re hitting the milestones to get the progress payments and let them know everything. “Hey, we’re going to have to hit these dates in order to make sure the client’s happy.” We hit that target date and you get your bonus.

We then need to work out – what are the five biggest concerns that they have (actually have specific training on those five big concerns.)*

  1. Budget
  2. Timeliness
  3. Trustworthiness
  4. Quality of work
  5. Communication

Then we’re going to roll into the benefits of why choosing your building company, what are the systems and processes that you have to make it a reality, etc., and specific training on that. So that’s market first.


Next is the message. And we’re going to have different offers here. So, depending on where people were at, are they:

  • ready to get started now?
  • actively looking for a builder?
  • three to 12 months away and they’re in the information search phase, or they’re not interested and they’re not aware of the problem?

So, we’re going to have a different offer and a different marketing message based on that.

There Are Two Kinds of Marketing Messages


You’ve got your low-risk low involvement which is one for people who are maybe three to 12 months away. This way they’re interested, they’re aware that they’ve got a problem, but they’re not ready yet to make a decision. They’re just in the information search phase. They haven’t moved to the evoke set and looking at a set different number of providers that might be three to five different building companies.

In this low-risk low involvement stage, with a start of three to 12 months out, we’re going to get them a lead gen magnet. For example, the top 12 things you need to do before renovating your house.

We’re going to get them into our automated responder system and we’re going to build a great relationship with them by:

  1. Drip-feeding them out some testimonials
  2. How we work with you, positioning yourself as the surgeon
  3. 21 things that you need to know when doing a renovation of your Villa, etc.

For the people who are ready, that is more of high involvement. I’m ready to get started. We’re going to put them straight into the sales process. They’re going to be towards, what we refer to as, the bottom of the funnel.

So, we’re going to be giving them things like case studies, video testimonials about our guarantee, how we work with you, the next steps because they’re much closer to taking that next step of action.

Lastly, once we’ve worked out one market and then message, only then can we choose the medium(s).


We want to use multiple mediums, multiple touchpoints. So, with the mediums we can look at:

  • Facebook
  • Email marketing
  • Postcards, three streets wide
  • BNI is a great one to put your referral system out. The 1% TPB referral system
  • Text message
  • Phone calls, etc.

We’re going to put them all through our marketing mediums and promote our message. So that’s it. It will give you some insight into that, and if you use those other training.

Next up, we’ll go through the, How do we create an automated responder funnel and take people down from interested in wanting us as their chosen builder.


As people get in touch with you, they should be added to an automated email sequence that follows up and nurtures leads so when they are ready to build, you are top of mind for their project

The Three Different Phases

Now that we’ve done the marketing triangle, we’ve got market, we’ve got our message or messages to them and our offers. We’ve got the mediums that we’re going to use. Now we’ve got, where are they in the decision-making process? So, we’re going to take them down a funnel as they get closer to making a decision.

1. THE 5%

So, 5% of people are ready right now.

  • They’ve looked at builders.
  • They know what they want.
  • They’re ready to talk to builders, and actually, are.
  • They might have consent They might have plans, etc.

Sorted. They’re down at the 5% in the terms of the funnel. We’re going to put these people through our sales process, we’re going to get them to give us a call or opt-in for our lead gen magnet, and we’re going to put them through our sales process. Call Bob right now on 09 555 5555 to talk about your project or fill in this contact form.

So now we’re putting them through our sales process where we’re qualifying them. And if we’ve got a good flow of leads, we actually want to qualify people out. So, it’s a sales interview, not a sales presentation. So think yourself as Simon Cowell on American idol. You’re the expert, the surgeon that’s going to help them solve the challenges, bring their dreams to reality for the biggest investment of their life.

To do this, we’re going to use the sales process. So, who’s answering your phone? Do you have a script with the specific questions that answer:

  • Who are you?
  • Who’s your company?
  • Can I trust you?
  • And how specifically can you help me?

So, we’re going to have a questionnaire, (use the questionnaire on the membership site,) and you’re going to ask these questions:

  • Tell me a bit about your project?
  • Do you have plans?
  • Do you have consent?
  • What’s your budget?
  • Have you spoken to any other builders?
  • When do you need to start?
  • When do you need to move in by?
  • How did you hear about us? etc….

So that’s what we’re going to put these people through the 5% who are ready to make a decision right now.

The funny thing is this is where most people focus is just on this 5% which is the people who are ready right now. But the problem is we’ve missed out all these people up at the 25% who might be three to 12 months away. And because it’s a high involvement decision – high involvement means typically high risk and high consideration on a lot of things that could go wrong. It’s typically a complex purchase process and it’s intangible in terms of the decision-making process because you’re not aware of all the facets unless you’ve done a build or renovation before. You’re not aware of everything. And there’s also high risk if things go wrong.

So, for a low involvement purchases, we might go to the supermarket, you buy something like packet of chewing gum, high involvement purchases, big risk, big decision-making criteria and typically big dollar investment and big downside if things go wrong.

2. THE 25%

So, the real gold is in this 25% of people that are three to 12 months away from making a decision. They’re aware of the problem. They enter into information search. They then decide upon an evoked set. So that means a set of… (It might be one to three) building company owners that they want to have a look at and then they move into the decision-making criteria or heuristics. So that might be the rules by which they decide which building company are they going to choose. And then they make their decision.

So, we have a massive opportunity here to help educate people. We want to educate them as they get closer. So, let’s say it could be any months, but let’s say we’ve got 6 months.. January, February, March, April, May and June. As we take them down this funnel and they get closer to making a decision in choosing a builder, we want to educate and nurture them on why they should choose us over anyone else.

So, at the top of the funnel, we might give them a lead gen magnet ‘Top 21 things that you need to consider when doing a renovation on your Villa’. So, they put their hand up, we’ve now positioned ourselves as the expert. They opt-in for our lead gen magnet, 21 mistakes, and each week we’re going to drip feed out something to them that helps to answer the core key questions.

  • Who are we? – we might put a background about our company, our magic story, our video testimonials.
  • What can you expect?
  • Our guarantee – why you would trust us over any other building company and how we’ve got a more superior guarantee than the next building company.
  • How we work with you – what happens on-site, project management, progress payments, etc.

We’re going to drip feed this stuff out and we’re going to build an automated relationship with them that takes every other building company out of the sales process, positions us as a trusted advisor. So, we go from just trying to sell them stuff to actually providing value and when they choose us, fantastic or they choose someone else, hey, no worries. Then what we’ve done is we’ve positioned ourselves at the top of the food chain, the surgeon providing specific advice. And even if they decide to go with someone else, they will be using our checklist, our key process, etc. to make sure you get the builder that you can trust for the biggest investment in your life.

Each month some of these people get closer to making a decision. And as they do get closer, we’d put them in the bottom of the funnel. And of course, we keep the hopper full by putting new people each week through our lead gen magnets, social media marketing, online marketing and offline marketing at the top of the funnel to get our lead gen magnets and get them into the funnel. So, this becomes a critical process on educating people on why they should choose you.

If you are only dealing with people who are at the sharp end, the bottom of the funnel ready to make a decision, then typically you’re going to be competing on price.

So, 25% is where the real gold is. In here you build a relationship with people. Take people out of the 5%. At this stage, you might be getting jobs through Tenders, Builderscrack, etc. So, we want to make sure that we’re getting prospects and jobs through the 25%. We’re educating them in this funnel and we’re taking them out of the sales process with anyone else.

3. THE 70%

Lastly, we have these people who might’ve been looking but aren’t really serious, or maybe they’ve got a friend who’s a builder or they’re more than 12 months away, etc. What we want to do here is, if they came to our website, we’re going to re-target them with the lead gen magnet, give them some articles, blogs, etc. that positions us as the expert. And even if they’re not looking, they may have other people who are looking to do renovations. Typically, people hang around with people with similar social standing or the same sort of mindset. So, they may know other people that we could put the TPB 1% Referral System on to.

That’s it for the three different phases that people are in. We don’t want to just focus here on the top 5% of people who are ready right now, because they’re the most price sensitive. What we want to get people earlier and if we can lock them in at the top of the funnel and get them into a prelim budget process, get them to sign up and make sure that we’re getting paid for our time. We educate them why they should choose us over anyone else and start to help them as they go through the decision-making process.


What I wanted to take you through now, was the next stage was Test and Measure. Now marketing is maths. And what do I mean by that? Well, if we know what the data is at each step of how people progress down a funnel or we’re in the stage they are, then we can make improvements to each single step. We need to know:

  • How many leads are you getting each month?
  • How many of those convert to a site visit?

So, if you get 12 leads a month, you get six site visits, then you quote three prices and you win two jobs. Then we know that one of the biggest opportunities to improve is this initial phone call part here. And we can do that with phone scripts, qualifying text on your website.Then, the next one is what can we do to improve from a site visit to pricing the job? And it might be the information pack that goes out, your quotes into an action plan, video testimonials, etc. as we progress.


Janice from Golds Building shares their leads for the last 2 weeks and can tell exactly where they came from in order to focus on the most effective channel of marketing

So, the first key thing is to measure. What we’re going to do with measuring is we’re going to report back how many leads did we get, where did people hear about us so we know exactly what are our marketing strategies that are working well and which ones aren’t.

So, if we knew that we got 12 leads during the week or the month, and we know that nine of them came from site signage and three of them came from Google AdWords, the next step is to work out what was the dollar amount that we spent on each of these. And then we can move to determine our costs per lead or how much we’re spending to generate a lead. And then we can work out how many leads do we need, how much money do we need to spend each month. So, if we need 10 leads and we’re spending 250 bucks a lead, then we’ve spent two and a half thousand dollars a month to get those 10 leads. Out of those 10 leads, maybe four of them we qualify out. So, we’ve got six that progress through to having a talk to and progressing to a site visit. And then out of those six, maybe we quote three to win one job.

So, if that one job was 250K, we know that our $2500 is what our client acquisition cost is, a $250 lead. 10 of those results to one client. So, we now know what are our metrics and we can decide if we scale that up, or which steps do we want to improve? But without those numbers, we’re just guessing. So, we’re going to give you some detailed processes and all the numbers that you need to know and understand in terms of testing and measuring in order to approve those.


Split testing 2 pages on your website with different elements like images or headlines can make a massive difference to the conversion rate

The next key part of that is testing. So, the beauty of online marketing is that you can split test things very quickly and you could have two separate landing pages that someone visits. And you might find that this one has headline A, this one has headline B, the rest of the page is the same.

We might find that:

Headline-A says… So, ‘here are 21 renovation mistakes you want to avoid’. Which is a pain-based headline (avoiding a mistake)

Headline-B is, ‘Get your Villa looking like your ideal Villa for great indoor-outdoor flow’. Which is benefit based (great indoor-outdoor flow is a benefit)

And we might find that a benefit based one maybe has a 4% opt-in. And maybe Headline A has 13% opt-in.

So now we know that our best performing headline is headline A and we can now start to work on testing and measuring different images. But we’re going to use the same headline. So that’s what I mean by testing, it’s very quick to do online.

Previously, if we were doing postcards, we might’ve done three lots of 500 postcards, different headlines, different images, different offers to work out which of those variations is going to work best. Now, with online marketing, we can test this very quickly through Facebook, Google AdWords, etc.

Now you know that marketing is not just a game of ‘see what sticks’ but in fact, it’s all figures and math. If you aren’t tracking where leads come from then that’s the first step.

Use the TPB lead tracking sheet


TPB - Builders Authority Pyramid
This diagram details the 4 stages of authority you can be as a builder. The higher, the better

Now, what I’m going to show you is a very critical principle and why it’s so important to pick a niche and become the go-to surgeon within that. So, if you think about Doctors, building company owners, Mortgage brokers, etc..

  • Generalists – this might be your builder who does any type of work. So does villas, decks, renovations, new builds, leaky buildings, etc.
  • Specialist – who may only do villas for example.
  • Expert – if you are the expert in Villa renovations, what would you do? We’ll go through this in a moment.
  • Celebrity – This is the ideal position to be in where people queue to work with you

So, if you think in terms of Doctors, you’ve got :

  • A GP (General Practitioner) who is at the bottom of the food chain in terms of doctors gets paid the least.
  • The specialist who may focus on paediatrics or a specific type of GP, he’s going to get paid a bit more.
  • Then you’ve got an expert, a world-renowned world-class person who may only specialise in fixing knees. He might have a knee surgeon or a shoulder surgeon.
  • Lastly, you may have the All Black’s knee surgeon who’s Dr John Mayhew who might’ve done 156 knee surgeries and he’s going to be the guy that is at the top of the food chain in terms of a premium position, booked out months in advance, wait in line to go and see him and people want to go to him because it’s typically the biggest investment of their life by psychologically and mentally. And the same also with you as a building company owner.

So, by moving up the Builders Authority Pyramid positioning to pick which niche you’re going into. It’s going to improve:

  • Leads – Increase your number leads and the equality
  • Margin – Increase your margin
  • Profit – Improve your profit
  • Trust – Trust because you’re going to be seen as the expert. So you have a lot of case studies, guarantee’s specific to Villa renovations, lots of before and after photos, testimonials.
  • Positioning – Position you as the surgeon. So, the go-to within that particular niche.
  • Conversion – And lastly, it’s going to make converting those jobs easier because everything that you’ve outlined says that you’re the specialist in this. So, if you own a Porsche, you might just take your car to a Porsche dealership, for example. Thus, we want to go with a specialist, so you earn more money.

So how do we get you up from a generalist to a Specialist, Authority & Celebrity?

The first key thing is we’re going to pick a niche. And what should you pick a niche based on? Well, it might be anything that you have testimonials on previously, type of work that you’re targeting, are your team good at doing that sort of work? So, you might choose like Russ from Licensed Renovations, you might choose solely to do renovations and then you could specialise even further in that and only do Villa Renovations. Where you’re going to have a high margin because you’re going to have a higher labour content.

So, the first key thing, pick a niche. Now, this doesn’t mean that you solely have to do Villa Renovations. You can still do any other work that comes to you as long as it meets your criteria:

  • Size of job
  • Where you want to work
  • Type of people you want to work with and the right kind of margin as well.

But we want to specialise and head towards getting you booked out with work and the ideal kind of sphere or niche that you much want to be known for.

Next, how do we position you as an expert? Well, a whole bunch of different things that we can do here.

  • Case studies – before and afters
  • Articles – The top 21 things you need to know before doing your villa renovation
  • Autoresponder which drip feeds content to prospects
  • Your guarantee (over and above your local association’s guarantee eg. Master Builders)

So, we guarantee when we do your villa renovation that we’ll leave your place cleaner than what you left it with us. That’s why all our guys use drop sheets, they will take their shoes off at the door, particularly if the person is living on-site and we also use XYZ cleaning company that would come around and clean up after were done.

We guarantee a specific move-in date. So, excluding variations we guarantee that you’ll be able to move in on the date we said, otherwise we’ll pay you $137 per day for every day that we’re late.

By doing this, we should have a director’s video (welcome video). It’s going to go behind the scenes and pull back the curtain and show you the 297-point quality assurance checklist, the systems and processes that you have, how your project management works, etc.

Lastly (and anyone can do this,) we want to move you to a specialist. If you’re a specialist, we want to move you into the expert positioning by putting out content on a regular basis. And lastly, how do we move to celebrity? All of this is taking that content and moving it into mass media. So that’s radio, TV, Facebook, print or trying to get on local TV programmes like for example, Russ has been featured on BCITO. My boss is a legend. He’s also been featured in quite a few other TV shows, on radio, etc.

And then where do we want to put that? Well, we want to put that everywhere. So, we want to put that in your information pack that you send out to people. We want to put that in your lumpy mail that we’re going to use. We want to put that onto your website, video testimonials, Facebook, etc.

Your Next Steps! Key Things to Do:

  • Make sure that you position yourself as a specialist.
  • Become the expert. So, pick a niche, become the expert. Start putting out regular content, case studies, video testimonials, articles, etc.
  • Then move to celebrity side of things.

This is going to make sure that you:

  • Get paid what you’re worth.
  • Make more profit.
  • People come to your position educated wanting you to do their build.

It’s going to improve your conversion rates. It’s going to be far less resistance because you’re always going to have answered those four key questions:

  • Who are you?
  • Who’s your company?
  • Can I trust you?
  • And how specifically can you help me?

Now it’s up to you… Become the surgeon, Go forth, niche and dominate


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If you’re ready to make changes and move forward with your Building company then apply for a Game Plan session and let’s see how we can help you take your business to the next level…The first step is to answer a few quick questions then book a free 15-minute call with the team. They’ll ask a few questions to see if or how we can help. If we can’t, we’ll let you know and point you in the right direction.

If we can, we’ll organise a time to talk about HOW to do that during a Game Plan session where we will work out:

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  2. The #1 thing holding you back from achieving the results you deserve
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At the end of this call, you will have a plan that you can implement with absolute confidence. There is no obligation, at the end of the call either 1 of 2 things will happen:

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