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[00:18] What is a Lead Gen Magnet?

[00:58] The Buying Stages of Consumers

[02:26] How to Automatically Follow Up People Who Don’t Take Action

[02:49] Generalist vs Specialist

[03:58] Become the Celebrity

[05:02] Nurturing Your Leads

[06:45] The Customers Biggest Concerns

[08:25] What You Should Be Testing


Hey, Marty here from The Professional Builder and I’m here in beautiful Fiji at the Intercontinental. Just finished up a retreat with our boardroom members. Today we had a question from one of our members, Rachel, in the group about should I do a lead gen magnet or not?

Well firstly what is a lead gen magnet and why would you use it? Well a lead gen magnet is something that you put out there into the universe on email, Facebook, on your site signage et cetera, and positions you as the expert. So it might be top seven things you need to know before doing your villa renovation.

What I’ve done is I’ve drawn some drawings here on the beach to help illustrate a few direct response marketing principles. So let’s have a look at the first one. So the first one is you’ve got 5% of people who are ready right now. So this 5%, that the sand hasn’t washed away, we want to put directly through our sales process. So we’re going to say, call 0900 blah, blah talk to Bob right now about your project.

Now next we’ve got 25% of people who are interested but might be six to 12 months away from doing their project. These people are where the real gold is, because the 5% of people who are ready right now are typically they’re end of the sales funnel. We might be competing against two or three other builders, and typically might be competing on price. Now the 25% are where the real gold is, ’cause these people here are typically six to 12 months away from doing their project. They’re thinking, shit I don’t want to pick up the phone and call them, ’cause they might try and sell me and I’ve still got a lot of questions.

So the 25% might be six to 12 months away from building, they’ve got a lot of questions that they … Like fixtures, fittings, how do progress payments work et cetera. So with these what we want to do is we want to give them something of value that’s going to position us as the experts. So it might be a guide, checklist, video series, or some tips that are going to help them over the next six to 12 months. We’re going to help educate them on why they should chose us.

Then we’ve got the remaining 70% who aren’t interested, or maybe they’re watching cat videos or whatever. What we’re going to do with them is we’re going to install retargeting pixel on our page, and we’re then going to follow them around the web and pop up on YouTube, Google, Facebook et cetera and draw them back to our landing page to opt in for our lead gen magnet. One of the keys here is we’re going to try different lead gen magnets.

Now the next key thing in direct response marketing is we want to ascend up the pyramid. So if you have a look here we’ve got a pyramid, and the people at the bottom are the generals. They are people who do any kind of build, and the thing with generalist is typically they don’t get paid as much as a specialist or an authority, or a celebrity.

Next key thing is the specialist, so what we want to do is we want to send you up the pyramid. So if you specialise in villa renovations then it’s easier to get case studies, easier to get testimonials, easier to have specific information and really be the chosen one within your niche. Next is becoming an authority, and authority covers [inaudible 00:03:44], checklist, video testimonials, case studies, tips et cetera on why you should chose them over anyone else. These people get paid more, they have a higher conversion rate, less price sensitivity.

Lastly if you think back, any market the highest position that you can be is as a celebrity. This we use the media to the main effect. So anything you can do media wise, so any publications, TV, radio et cetera is going to help massively. Put that everywhere, so throughout your information pack, your video testimonials, case studies et cetera, et cetera.

So how do you get people into the top of your funnel? Well what we’ve got here is a funnel, and at the top what we’re going to do is we’re going to have people opting in each month to get your lead gen magnet. Your lead gen magnet might be if your niche was villa testimonials, your lead gen magnet might be …

Your lead gen magnet might be the top 12 things you need to know before undertaking a villa renovation. Each month, because it’s low risk, people are going to download that guide. So if we have a look here, if this was say the beginning of the year and it was January, we might have 30 to 40 people, depending on how much money we’re spending, where we’re putting it, download your guide. Each month some of those people are going to get closer to wanting to do their project. We’re going to build a relationship with them each month automatically through email posts, our blog etc.

Now some of those people, we can also use an Autoresponder like our nine word email, “hey, what’s your biggest concern before building or renovating” . So each month that’s going to help people get closer. The key with doing this is that it helps to keep your pipeline full, increase your margin, increase your conversion rate. It lets you go from just another builder to being a trusted advisor and really positions you as the surgeon within your niche. Why would anyone go anywhere else for the biggest investment of their lives?

So we want to build a relationship with them, do it in an automated manner and what exactly can we send them? Well here’s some key things that we can send them. So we’re going to send them a checklist of everything that they should consider when doing a villa renovation, you might have an ebook. We also might send them some video testimonials of other people who are happy with our villa. A guide of what to look out for, a video series, the five biggest concerns. So time, trustworthiness, quality of workmanship, budget and then communication. So they know who’s going to be in their home, who’s going to be on their job and overcome these concerns that people have before doing any big project. Why they should chose you over any other building company.

So we’re building a list, it’s critical to build a list or your tribe of people who trust you, who see you and as Dan Kingsley says, we want to be working on something today. So the 5% now, pick up the phone, talk right now. Something for tomorrow, so next month that’s your lead gen magnets. Then something for 12 months from now, and some of our members have got anywhere from three, four, five, 700 to a 1000 of these contacts. By doing the hard work that’s going to ensure that our pipeline stays full, we’ve got plenty of leads and prospects. They come educated and nurtured as to why they should chose us over anyone else. It also makes them less price sensitive, ’cause we can educate them over these key months.

Now what should you include in your lead gen magnet? What type of lead gen magnet? Well you can have different types of lead gen magnets, so you could have a checklist, an ebook is a really simple one. A video series, a Facebook group to warm people up, and what else? Checklist, lots of different types of things that you can do to use as a lead gen magnet. There’s some key things that we should test, number one is headlines, so Digital Marketers got a list of the top 170 performing headlines from I think about, bunch of million different emails they send out. Also, the graphics, so what it looks like is a massive one. Lastly we want to test the type of lead gen magnet it is, whether it’s a checklist et cetera.

So those are some keys that will help you. We’ll dig deeper, if you want to have a look more, go online have a look at our detailed lead gen magnet training. Then obviously through our auto responder, your blogs et cetera, we’re going to educate those people and move them up the ladder so that we go from generalist, specialist, authority to celebrity in their mind. Become the trusted advisor on why they should choose our building company, and come to us nurtured, educated, wanting us for the biggest investment of their life. So that we can increase conversion, increase trustworthiness, increase margins, increase profit and decrease sales resistance.

All right that’s it from me now from beautiful Fiji, I hope you have an awesome day. I think it’s about time to go for a swim.


Everyone’s very friendly here. All right, I hope you have an awesome day. Cheers.




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