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This year’s Annual Summit saw TPB go virtual, which was an exciting new way for us to share our insights and best practice to our dedicated members. With the Majority of the building industry at a halt due to the current circumstances, this was a great opportunity for building owners to take a step back and assess their current systems and processes.

It was amazing to interact with everyone (virtually) and to hear what steps they’re taking to not only improve their business but to tackle the current issues that COVID-19 has created.

A quick shout out to our guest speakers, George Duncan (All Blacks Muscle Therapist), Wes Watson (Online Business Coach) and Ben Kidd (Quantity Surveyor at Builda Price) for sharing their knowledge and dropping some golden nuggets.

If you weren’t able to attend, check out what you missed. If you were, let’s recap!

1. Fast Execution wins

With the current economic uncertainty, it’s imperative that building owners step up and execute if they want to avoid any further disruption. Stacking wins will help instill that winning mindset that will get you through the coming months!

Kicking off day 1 was Marti where he discussed fast execution wins that can be achieved in the first 90 days to buy back time and improve profits for your business.

Here are the top tips:

  • 1 page business plan = Do you have a business plan that highlights your purpose and vision? Creating this one page document will act as a guideline and hold you accountable for your progression.
  • KPI’S = Do you have a dashboard that tracks your business metrics such as number of leads, conversation rate and profit margin? Going over these performance metrics on a consistent bases will provide clarity on what is working and what areas need improving. 
  • Stop doing list = Create a stop doing list that you assess every 90 days so you can avoid doing jobs that are low dollar value or are below your PBR (Payment By Results).
  • Default Diary = Are you setting your day up to succeed? Structure your day, week and month so you can start to obtain and repeat habits that are helping you become more productive and driven
  • Productivity – onsite – 151 ways checklists = How do you achieve productivity onsite? Check out our 151 step checklist that has been collated over the past two years by over 300 of our members.

2. Business vision

“You don’t grow your business; you grow your team”

To get your team pulling in the same direction, there must be a clear goal in mind that everyone is striving towards.

Take a look at a few of the 11 Productivity Keys that were discussed to get your team to buy into your business vision:

Putting a 90-day plan in place will allow you to prioritize your workload and ensure that you and your team are hitting your quarterly goals. Along with your 90-day plan, establish a clear path for the next 12-24 months and other milestones to keep you on track.

To help track this progress, you should be investing in team management software. A recognized tool is Slack, which can be used for daily, weekly and monthly stand ups to ensure you and your team are held accountable for your progression.

Ways to ensure your team are meeting their goals and KPI’S is to incentivise. Identify what are the best bonding exercises that brings out that team comradery. This might be a fishing trip, finishing early on a Friday or having a team meal out.

3. Creating a high performing team the All Blacks way with George Duncan

Wrapping up day 1 was our guest speaker, George Duncan (All Blacks Muscle Therapist) who gave us some amazing insights into the All Blacks camp.

He first touched on culture and how a lot of the All Blacks traits can be applied to the building industry. Having a yes attitude, being proud of where you are from and instilling a positive attitude were just a few of the qualities that the All Blacks must possess if they are to create team comradery and a winning mindset.

To be a team player, mindset must be front and centre, as you need to be able to go above and beyond for your team if you are to create a winning culture and be recognized as a leader. Resilience, going to that dark place and accountability are the areas in which the All Blacks excel and play a massive part in their success.


Team culture and a winning mindset cannot be attained if there are no leaders steering the ship. Here George shared his experiences with some of the All Blacks finest leaders and explained the leadership qualities that a lot of them possessed. If you’re wanting some tips on how to build a winning team, look at how you can incorporate these qualities into your day-to-day.

4. 27 Productivity tips

How productive are you during the week?

Kicking off day 2 was Marti who discussed 27 productivity tips to buy you back 5 hours per week.

Check out some of the top tips:

Will power – gamify your environment so you’re not tempted by things that will affect your performance i.e resisting the urge to have a beer or watching another episode that will affect your sleeping pattern. 

Daily planning – plan your day the night before and repeat the habits that are going to elevate your performance so that it becomes routine.

Build the Machine
– Manage your energy. You can gain energy by having a structured day that clearly outlines your vision and goals. Identify what your input is and then look at how you can improve so you can achieve maximum output.

Clarity of Vision
– Outline your vision, then take action. It must be specific and dedicated to the areas that are going to make the most difference. Identify your top priorities that will allow you to reach your daily, weekly or monthly goals.

– What are the vices that are holding you or your business back? Try to acknowledge them internally before they exist externally. Meditation, working out out and eating healthy are just a few ways that can help exercise your mind, allowing you to be in full control of your actions. 

5. Guest speaker – Wes Watson

Wrapping up our top takeaways was our guest speaker, Wes Watson. For those that aren’t familiar Wes went from serving nearly a decade in the California State Penitentiary system to building a highly successful online coaching business that has impacted the lives of thousands of people around the world.

We were fortunate enough to have Wes explain his core principles that have helped him, and many others solidify a winning mindset.

Here are a few of Wes’s key drivers:

Mindset – “Stress management is the key to your max potential. By getting up early, working out, reflecting and understanding ourselves to a high degree, we increase our capacity to handle stress.”

– “Create a daily process of stacking wins and solidify our core beliefs through our self-talk and positive action. The man that takes more pride in the time to go through his process to attain the result than the result itself cannot be stopped”

Conscience Congruency – “Habitual construction is the realest thing. Be accountable for your actions and become your own mental witness so you can control your internal emotion before it becomes external.”

To everyone who attended TPB’s Annual Virtual Summit, thank you all! We appreciate you taking the time out of your week to attend the two-day event and we can now say that doing it virtually was a great success. We hope that you were able to get some takeaways from it that you can start implementing into your business today!

See you next year!