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Hey team, 

Marti here from The Professional Builder.

Today I’ll be running you through how to wow your audience through info packs. Instead of having to triple sell, when you get there and take people from cold to sold, we want to have marketing do the heavy lifting, and we want to take them from pre-sold to sold. And how do we go about doing that?

Well, we do, what’s called a wow information pack and that can come in various forms and it looks like this. Now it’s sent out as a physical, tangible thing. And the reason that’s tangible is that if it’s down on paper. It’s real. And it seems like it’s more valuable.
Now also, we courier it, why do we courier it? Well, number one, how many emails might you get a week? You might get, I don’t know if you’re like me, I get about 150 to 200 emails a week. Mail, we probably get 40, 50 pieces of mail a week, but courier packs, we probably only get two to three of those per week into our office. And it feels like Christmas. So it says to the client, this is something tangible. So it’s a little bit like Christmas, bit of fun when they’re opening it.
Number two, it says, “Hey, your valuable, we’re willing to invest six bucks in getting a courier to ship this out to you.”

And number three, what we have to say is extra valuable, and that’s why we’re spending this money to give you quality service. So these are all elements that go into people’s perceptions of you, and in the absence of any other variables, people quite often use price as an indicator or a proxy for quality. So we want to make sure that we’ve got a quality image from, phone script, website, inquiry sheets, and then also the information pack, today’s focus.

Let me talk first about what it should look like as an outline. So you can either send just a folder like this, and we’re going to walk you through this in depth in a second. You can get done, one of this, from alpha one, has done an epic box. Has his values on the back, logos for brand recognition and also credibility. And that’s how you transfer trust and credibility.
And Matt Staples from repair and restore has the big kahuna and Matt’s here’s got, a couple of cappuccino’s, some bribes. He’s also got a KitKat to bribe people with. A questionnaire that they’ve filled in on the phone about their site and a little bit about the job. Then we’ve also got a phone script and a letter of what’s actually going to happen during the site visit. So nothing comes in as a shock.
Next key parts, we’ve got the company profile, which we’ll go through in depth in a second. And then you might add in, a DVD, multimedia. So put there, your video testimonials, your how we work with you video because people aren’t always guaranteed to watch your videos on their website, but they may take that out, put it in their computer and play it. And then we’ve also got some brochures from suppliers, and these might be, kitchen suppliers, bathroom suppliers, or anyone else related to the specific project that you’ve got going on.
All right. So let’s go through one of these bad boys in depth and give you everything you need to include in it and why.
All right. So what are the core elements that go into having an epic killer wow information pack that positions people well? Well, firstly, it’s most important to have an awesome cover page that has probably your best, biggest, and brightest build that reflects the type of work that you want to do.
And next, we’re going to go through a little bit about the company, how the company began and its magic story. And really what we’re doing is we’re taking the clients on a journey and the prospects and letting them know we’ve got an affinity for building and that they’re in good hands with us.
Then we need a director or directors profile, and this needs to be a written, and personalised copy the whole way as if we’re having a one-to-one conversation with people. And people want to know, people will deal with people they know, like and trust. So we want to make sure that we’ve got plenty of photos of your team and yourselves outside of work. So what do you get up to in your spare time? Are you into fishing, are you into shooting and to riding around the track? What are you into? Because people buy from people that they know like, and trust.
Next key thing, once we’ve got who the directors are, who are the core people they’re going to be dealing with either in the office, on site, your project manager, or any of your key builders, your foreman, maybe a QS or anyone in the office. And the same rules apply, one-to-one personal copy and make sure that specificity leads to credibility.
So the next key thing is… What we’re going to do is we’re going to have why you should choose us. So in this example, we’ve got exceptional project management. We specialise in new home builds, Certified Builders Association. Your guarantee. And your guarantee is over and above the Master Builders or the Certified Builders Guarantee. So there might be, we guarantee no nails on site. We guarantee there’ll be a guaranteed move in date, or we’ll pay you $117 for everyday that you’re late.
Next. There might be another guarantee around no swearing on site, or there might be a guarantee around no smoking on site. Next little bit about some testimonials and your particular experience in your team. So then we’re going to have your guarantee. Now have this as an epic looking background. You can get these done on Fiver or E-Lance for like 20 bucks.
And just cover off those five big concerns that everyone has. So number one, how are you going to communicate with us? Are you going to have a dedicated project manager. Two, you can log into BuilderTrend and see updates whilst you’re there or not. Number three, we’ll reply to anything within 24 hours. Number four, you get a site visit, every week guaranteed. Next one might be built to budget. So we guarantee a fixed price contract that we’re not going to go over budget or we’re doing charge ups. Everything’s transparent and you can see.
Next, our workmanship and quality. So here’s all the background skills of our team, 136 years with experience across our team. Every guy, we use 287 point quality assurance checklist. So you can ensure that your job is done right, the same way, every time.
The next key part, our trustworthiness. So this is where we can use logos from associations. Any memberships that you belong to, Rotary, BNI, Lions Cup, and ideally put your photo on it and sign it and give it some sort of old school seal, or trusted seal of approval.
Next key thing, what others have said. So this is where we really want to go into the two types, we’ve got testimonials. So that’s what people have said about how the process was working with you. And that’s going to go through three key things.
Number one. What was their house like before and why did they decide to build with you? What were they looking for in a builder? What were their biggest concerns? Number two, what was the process that they went through with you from site visit to signing off the code of compliance and moving back in, and number three, how is life better for them now? So what are the benefits that they’ve got out of it?
Maybe their kids are allowed to play outside in this great indoor, outdoor float. Maybe they’ve got another bedroom for their expanding family, or maybe their polished wooden floors in Ponsonby, now give their neighbours a carry wood floor envy, or their Villa in Ponsonby is no longer cold, damp. And they don’t feel like they have to have the heaters and the lights on during the day in the middle of summer, because it feels so cold and damp.
So if you can take your photos as high resolution as possible, get a professional photographer and I’d recommend getting someone from either Harcourt’s, Bailey’s or a real estate photographer and use those photos as big as possible and put some people in them as well because photos of people attract a lot more attention.
Then we’re going to have how we work with you. So what are the next steps? We’re leading people down a specific funnel from the introduction to the in person meeting, design and concept, finalise the paperwork. And then all engines are go.
Frequently asked questions. So that covers off, people have got all these concerns in their head. Do I need an LBP to do my job? Do I need consent? Will you help me with the council? Do I keep a guarantee? How do I know that you’re going to stay on track and on budget. That helps to put their mind at ease because they’ve got all these concerns floating around the back of their mind. And this helps to give them the assurance, that not only are you the right company for them, but that they can trust you. And that you’re the experts within this particular niche of building.
Lastly, we’ve got systems and documentation. So that’s where we’ve put in place anything from daily site logs, quality assurance checklist, an example of the project schedule that you can just get out of Microsoft project or build a train co-construct, a rave build or WorkflowMax. Then we’ve got site rules. So how do I know you’re going to treat my home as if it’s your castle.
Next you might put in any other systems or processes at the back, like a quality control checklist that are going to really tangibilize the intangible and really bring it to life that you’re to go to a company for their biggest investment. And lastly, a little bit about health and safety. So whether you’re using HazardCo or SiteSafe, and any other suppliers that you have, that you could get their logos, ITM, Roof Line, First Windows & Doors, and put those in for credibility, and trust.
So the main things there, specificity leads to credibility. So be as specific as possible in anything that you’re saying with them. Use great pictures, have a graphic designer do the layout. Use as many pictures of people as you can, not just pictures of your work and have captions below the photos that show the core key benefits of doing business with you and what happened in that project.

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