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1: Real email address

Choose your G Suite edition 14-day free trial

 Basic: $5 USD per month

Business: $10 USD per month

Enterprise: $25 USD per month



2: Last pass

If you spend a lot of time on your computer, it remembers all your passwords and emails by the click of a button

 Premium 1 Users: $2 per month

Families 6 Users: $4 per month



3: Process Street

Documenting all your processes through the cloud so they can be viewed on the go instead of having a big paper trail



4: Fiverr animation & video bumper

Intro and outro for your video testimonials for $20 USD



5: Pricing checklist

We have our own 139 Point checklist



6: Make a client’s database

Create a database for your clients. Email address, name, and number



7: 9 Word email

 Communicating with your clients directly keeping it well organized



8: What’s on report

Get lists of your building consents issue and generate sales leads. The timeliest source of building consent information for all providers of products and services.



9: Reversion content for Facebook

A video explaining your business process to get the job done and insight on your work. Post your magic story all over social media



10: Screenshot your video testimonials 

Take screenshots of your video testimonials and photos to post on social media



11: Level 10 meeting agenda

Have your meetings planned and organized so you always know what’s happening.



12: Daily stand-ups

Have a daily group call with your team and discuss what tasks/goals you want to get completed to stay on top of your game



13: Slack chatbot

A slack bot is a program to keep all your marketing/sales conversations and documents in one group, so they don’t get lost. You can also have your day to day tasks updated



14: Scrum board

A place to note all your projects and concerns that everyone in the team can look over and discuss



15: Team incentive for hiring

How you can find team members that have some interests and work experience without having to rely on google adds



16: Team incentive for jobs

How we arrack the right jobs with the right guys using 1% referral



17: Blind your quotes

A professional organized quote book as simple as having a tidy book with information and pictures about the job to successfully gain the job



18: Referral postcard

Postcards around the job you’re working on. Apprentice can hand out marketing boards, postcards and hazard signs to the clients and neighbors



19: Labour pricing calculator E3

E3 account website labour pricing, charge out rate each team member, billable hours per year



20: Audiable

Great way to improve your skillset just by listening to books to grow your business and also help your team members gain sales/mindset.

 $12.50 a month



21: Clock shark or harvest

Popular for labor tracking, employees scheduling, email alerts, fast email, and phone support.

 $5 a month per person



22: Walkie talkie app

A direct way to contact your project manage and team using voice memos, photos instead of having to make 100’s of phone calls



23: BNI

The world’s largest referral organization



24: Ask merchants for uniforms

Get merchants to help cover the cost for your uniforms don’t pay full price




25: Ask merchants for signage

Have a billboard sign set up on site so clients know you are professional



26: Ask subbies to fund wow book printing

 Have your subbies pay off the wow book by advertising a couple of pages



27: Attend TPB events and sessions to get gold

Attend events to interact and learn face to face and draw in more leads to your business



28: Render plans/3d video

Have 3d renders of your projects and sites by charging for the next process after your free quote



29: Wash the cars

First impressions are everything. Keep your work vehicles tidy and professional.



30: Tidy the site

Clean the site up at the end of the day, pick up rubbish and nails.



31: Ask for a testimonial

Accumulate as many testimonials as you can to build up your building reviews and show clients job outcomes



32: Make a Facebook page

Create a Facebook page to help market your business and gain more leads. Upload a portfolio of your companies work/buildings.



33: Facebook message people who’ve liked a page

Contact people through Facebook as leads



34: Manychat

A free program run Facebook adds to run messenger to get In touch with you. Accumulating a list with an automatic response



35: Price check subbies and merchant monthly

Shop around for your materials to get the best price on a regular basis using a trade card/business card



36: Pay for things using a credit card and get 30 days further credit plus air points

Too further maximize the time between receiving materials and paying for them,

you can make payment on credit card. This way you not only benefit from the

extra credit but you can benefit from the rewards accumulated with the particular card you have.



37: Landing page templates for your website

Review and critique your website so it’s ready for conversion



38: 42-point website checklist

Go through a 42-point checklist to stay on top of your website and making sure you’re always benefiting from it and drawing in leads



39: Have the foreman price the labour with the QS so you get ownership

Price the labour components of the build so there is real ownership of how long the job will take and cost. Timeline of a foreman, the timeline and labour priced against and the timeline that is given to the client



40: Write your processes down

Document them, have a step by step process for each job on how to get it done on time and sticking to a budget.



41: A shared working boardroom for meetings and proposals if you don’t have one

If you don’t have a show home or an office get a boardroom for meetings. Cheap and professional


42: Have a game plan

Plan together for the next 12 months with clear 90 day actions and milestones, then our team help you implement it



43: Spend 5-10 minutes per day planning your day

Use slack bot or google calendar to plan out your days and booking for the week. This way your business and workers will run smoothly with less stress



44: Ask questions and mastermind

The better the question the better the answer get specific



45: Track numbers and leads

Keep track of a weekly spreadsheet of your leads, Facebook & marketing spending’s, and google marketing analytics. To know what you need to improve on or doing well in



46: Look at a P&L monthly and match them with the right ratios

General figures to go by:


Gross profit: 20-25%

Expensive: 8-12%

Net profit: 10-15%



47: Design pickle

 Use an online designer to cut down the costs of having a full-time designer in the office



48: Accounts online VA

You can use a virtual assistant online to do a lot of your marketing needs to eliminate having to do it yourself.



49: Xero

Is an account used for keeping your finical and accounting accorded.



50: Grammarly

Is a google chrome extension used to spell check your sentences



51: Designer

Turn your entire website into an eBook in 2 minutes. Transform your blog posts, videos, and PDFs



52: Hemingway App

Longer story marketing helps you with marketing adds and how long your blog posts need to be


53: Move to google and get it on the cloud

Have all your documents filed on the cloud so you never lose them and can view on any device.