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Hey It’s Owen here from The Professional Builder.

Today I’ll be discussing your USP and why people should choose you over anybody else. Your USP is your unique selling proposition, so what is that you makes you stand out from the crowd.

Your unique selling proposition is based on your people, your product and your process price.

It’s a one page document that’s going to identify the who, the how, the why and what your business is all about.

We’ve broken this down into a 15 part one pager so that you can really easily answer some of the questions and come up with your unique selling proposition. Because if you can nail this down it’s going to help you write all your copy for your marketing, your social media in half the time.

You’re not going to have to think about things too much because if by following this one page dashboard or this one page template you’re going to have all the copy blocks in place so that you can essentially pick them up and put them wherever you need them to be.

It’s also going to help you work out what you’re really good at and where you can improve your business.The most important thing I see though is it’s going to help you improve all your copy across all your mediums, whether it’ll be Instagram, Facebook, your wow pack, your website.


So step number one is we want to set the foundation for your offer. What we want to do is we want to call out your exact perfect target market i.e. Attention younger families.

Step two. We want to open with the promise, how you’re going to achieve X result and X time without certain objections.

Point three, evidence of truth. So we want to bring in some social credibility here i.e. How many years of experience have you got? How many jobs have you completed?

Then we’re going to roll into the connection. People buy from those that they know, like and trust i.e. How can they know you understand their problem? Again, how many jobs have you done? Why are you a specialist in what you do? What’s your exact niche that you command?

Step five. Your story, gain authority over objection and give hope. So this is one where you’ve done your magic story before. If we can nail off these five steps straight away we’re going to have a great opening to a lot of your copy.


Step 6, Build Value. So what we want to do is we want to provide a logical solution as to how we work with you.

Next step. We’re going to identify the benefits and the features. So we’re going to mostly focus on the emotional benefits using the SO rule in bullet points.

What I mean by the SO rule is we use a quality assurance checklist so that there’s no quality defects. There’s no callbacks, meaning your job finishes on time to a standard above that of the industries.

Step eight is we implement some social proof again, some statistics can work well at this point.

Step nine is make an offer. So briefly explain what the very next step is for them to get in touch with you.

Step 10 is add the wanted premiums that people want. So a lot of people doing high end stuff might want designer help. They might want free storage if they’re doing renovations, they might want a temporary kitchen if they’re getting a big rental done. what’s the wanted premium that you might be able to offer people as part of your service.


And then we come into the close.

Reverse all the risk. Maybe you’re going to meet them on site and make it a completely free consultation i.e. It’s typically valued at a thousand dollars, but it’s free.

So if you’re giving a free design consultation there might only be three available, if you’re giving free storage or maybe there’s a set move in date it might be in conditions of the calendar. You’re being booked into the calendar before a next X date.

And then firmly make your offer. Command them to buy. Warn against an action, illustrate the pain of an action.

Lastly recap and hit all the reminder points. If you can do this clearly and concisely you’re going to probably end up with one full page of size 12 font. Which is your unique selling proposition, a really clear breakdown of exactly how you’re going to help somebody. And you’re calling out your ideal client. What are you going to be able to do with that at this point is you’re going to know what you’re good at, areas that you could potentially help work on from a marketing perspective.

And secondly you’re also going to be able to take little copy blocks out of here. Little paragraphs here, little paragraphs there.  And put them in your social media, put them in your info pack, put them on your website. Let’s walk through the document that you should all have in front of you. This is the word doc, it really is this easy. So open that one up and we’ll walk through this together. So step one, call people out. Do you have a section and a plan or a builder? Do you have a section but no idea where to start? Looking for a builder who knows design, working for a building company who love eco homes, attention young couples, attention expecting parents. Like who… All you want to do is have a look at all the jobs you’ve ever done that you really want to get more of.

And there’s usually a bit of a profile there, you know. Where do they hang out? What are they interested in? And if you specialise in a really specific type of job, right? Bathrooms or kitchens or eco homes or passive homes or whatever, then we should be able to call them out like that. So step two, how to result in timeline without objections or fear. So if you’re wanting a dream home resolved in the next six to 12 months timeline and want to avoid the horror stories and budget blowouts and time overruns then take a look at this without objections and fear. So we’re using a bit of formula here, so you just need to fill in the blanks. So if you’re wanting… So most people in this situation don’t know where to go next? They know they want to add something.

They want to add some extra space and brighten up their home before summer, but fill lost in the decisions that keep popping up. Do I need consent? Should I go with an architect or builder? What will it cost? That’s another example. So here at XYZ Construct we deliver passive homes built to time and without, so timeline and then objections and fears. Without the expense of horror stories, you hear of cost and time overruns or the stressful nights of project decisions and uncertainty of next steps because of our… So that’s fears and objections. So guys type a couple of those in for yourself, you can use these, you can version these, And you might come up with like six or seven, two or three. There’s no magic number. But if you come up with a bunch of these, these are really good openings for social media posts, for emails, for all that sort of stuff.

Step three is evidence of truth, so you can do these separately, but you can also do these working through them and put them all together so that they all make one big, long thing. Ingrid you can download the form from the chat box so I’ll just post it in again, so that one that I’ve just posted in. The one that I’ve just posted in now is the 15 steps, the word documents just going in to the chat as well. You’ll find the chat sort of in your Zoom drop down. So step three is build evidence of truth. And we want to immediately give the audience hard evidence to believe the promise. So essentially give us something real. Give us something tangible. We’ve worked with X number of people locally using our preferred partners and local teams of seven. Like we’re a team of however many with over X jobs completed in the last X number of years.

So with over 15 jobs completed in the last four years or we only do reclads, meaning we live, eat and sleep everything to do with reclads. We’ve refined our exact process. And over the last seven years and a hundred projects we’ve seen it all. So really refine and show somebody a reason why, a strong reason why they can believe in you and they should continue to listen to you. That’s step three. Like I said, step one, call out your specific person. Step two, come up with one, two, three, or four of these how to result in timeline without objections and fear. Then we want to build evidence and truth really quickly. And it’s at this point we can slow it down and now we want to build some connection. So how can they know you understand their problem? It’s a little bit like that first statement at point three, but we can go a little bit more in depth here.

So maybe we’re a young family too and know what it’s like going through the build process from a cramped home to one that fills all the needs that you’re after. We work with clients who don’t want the group home solution, that’s the same for everyone else. But instead we want to work with a small team one on one and achieve a home that they can be proud of and that they can live in together. So build connection. What’s the thing that you can connect with your client on? Are you in the same social position or you have the same family structure? Do you have or you live in the same neighbourhood? Do you have the same hobbies? Do you do the same things in the evenings or are you strict?

When you get home do you like doing the same things as these people? Maybe getting a glass of wine and sitting on the deck or coming home and relaxing or coming home and looking after the kids, like what can you connect with your ideal customer on? So try and build a connection at this point. Step five, your story, it’s at this point you can also start bringing in some of your processes and marketing pillars that you have hopefully set up. So we provide our five star guarantee to make sure that we can hit your project out of the park and deliver a high quality project to time and budget while maintaining a strong communication process throughout with us and our team. So you can have the trust to leave your biggest investment with us and deliver high end residential build you’re over the moon about, okay?

So that sentence is a bit long, but you can… It’s basically heading the communication, timeline budget, trustworthiness, communication and quality in that one sentence. 

So gain authority over rejection and give hope, show them that you had a process in place for something. That’s step one. So step two, we’re going to build value at this point, provide a logical solution. So reveal your solution. That’s why we like to give your guarantee and name and why you should potentially thinking about giving your how we work with you process and name as well. So then just call it like a how we work with you process. Like this is your signature system, right? This is your way that you deliver a result for people. What’s your eight-point construction success framework that delivers a result for people. What’s your dream builder 11 point plan to take your from idea to completion in just 12 months. Right? So give people a logical solution, show them that you have a framework, something real, something tangible in place. Okay?

And at this point you’re going to draw on your how we work with you most likely. And you’re possibly also going to draw on your marketing guarantee. Step seven is identify the benefits and features. So mostly emotional benefit and use the so rule. The so rule is one of the most important things in marketing. You can at this point use bullet points, tie this in with your above bullet points. So basically if it’s the how we work with you, we meet you on site so that you can get to know our team and how we work with our members. We do weekly site visits so that you are part of the job process. We ask the questions for you face to face. We do affects press contracts. So there’s peace of mind around budget. There’s no nasty budget blowouts. We do a pricing preliminary budget so that we get a very accurate timeline, a clear budget in place.

And we’re able to make sure that we’re the best builder for you moving forward.  So use the so. So is the most important word in each of these sentences, so that benefit to the client. And we’re tying that in with step six, providing a logical solution, which is your how we work with your process. And it’s your view of points if the process will have a so in them. So point two of the process might be meet them on-site for a site visit. So that benefit to them. Next step, provide testimonials, statistics, benefits. This process was used on these jobs that we’re most proud of. John Smith from 72 Blue Street who did a Villa Reno and was able to stay in the loop with the project and never felt stressed out or anxious about the timeline, insert quote from his video testimonial. 

That emphasises that or insert quote from the video testimonial, we’re basically saying what’s the benefit with screaming it out at the person reading this, at the client. And then we are showing the social proof. So rather than somebody having to watch your whole video testimonial or see just a quotation mark testimonial, we’re actually going to highlight the benefit exactly. Next step. Start making the offer. So as you can see, these all started with a success call, maybe that success call is the very first thing that you’ve got in your how you work with you process, so basically call the initial, get in touch call. Where you use your script to qualify somebody whenever you want them to get in touch. So when a lead comes in and then you’re going to get in touch with them, call that something like a success call, call it like

You’re not going to call it a qualification call or anything like that. You’re going to call it something fairly helpful. Make sure they’re aware that’s the first step that they can get in touch with you on. And that’s the first step of the offer here. We want to make it sound like something that’s low risk to them. So calling it something like a dreams to reality session, sounds like you get big and down the rabbit hole. Could be a renovation audit, a renovation checklist call, could be a new home check. Are you ready for your new home? Well, something like that, but that’s the initial offer. Outline the next wanted premiums. So like I said, these are things that people in your target market are actually going to want. It’s unlikely… Like if somebody is doing a renovation, they might want a temporary kitchen.

They might want storage for all their stuff. And you potentially do these things anyway, but you can… If you don’t tell people what you do they’re not going to know that you do it. So we want to tell people what you do. There’s no point in being best kept secret. And if you do a temporary kitchen for people, will you do whatever, then make sure that they know about it. And you can add this in as a premium. Okay? And a premium is something that you get as a bonus, bonus benefit for doing that first primary offer that you want somebody to do. You can normally tag on a dollar amount to it. And for example a lot of people that deal with high end nodes, their clients really care about design. So they might have found a strategic alliance through the BNI or something.

And that strategic alliance might be an interior designer. And to get them are you got together and you’ll be able to offer an interior design consultation valued at X number of dollars.  And you can use that as a premium. So when you book your success call today you’ll be able to redeem an offer of free dreams to reality session valued at X number of dollars if you get in touch before June, it can be time, the deadline, or it can be a number deadline. Right, next up, we’re going to start closing them quite hard. So we’re going to reverse all the risks. Rather than having the risk scout in your favour we want to basically physically and emotionally transfer onto us. So it’s easy to get started. And if you qualified at the next stage we’ll even come to meet you at your place.

Plus it’s free. All you need to do is email or call or text us a very low risk thing.  Because they don’t actually have to talk to somebody and feel like they’re going to get sold.  And I’ll answer some really easy questions so we can work out how to help you best. Again, reverse the risk. If we can’t, then we’ll pull out, you’re pointing in the right direction. But if we can, we’ll get started on the visit and your dream projects sooner.  So try and reverse the risk at this point. Things that also work, saying that you will send them something physical.  And also saying that you’ll go and meet them rather than them coming to meet you. We want to add scarcity. Now, this is the best way to get people to take action. And scarcity can be on time and or availability

People need to be compelled to act now or they just simply won’t usually. So loss of premiums typically works best at this point. So if you want to learn more about how you might be able to work together and redeem your free design consultation then you need to call now. These are only available to the first three that get in touch while these are only available until June.  So the premium that people really want,  At step 10 is going to get taken away if people don’t act straight away. So work out what is the thing that your target market really want,  For investors at sometimes like a home valuation or home check or something like that. That’s a premium that could be taken away. People don’t act. And in step 13 firmly make your offer.

So get in touch now, book a call to see if we’re a good fit so that we can meet you on site and do some planning together for your dreams to reality session, which is likely to be one of the most helpful pre-construction meetings you’ll have.  Lastly, warn against an action. So make sure you don’t sit back and use hope as a strategy to get your new dream home built. We’ve seen it all happen before. After all we do this every day. Make sure you avoid poor planning, budget blowouts, time line overruns and guarantee both success by getting the right team around you. Give us a call now,  Warn against an action. What’s going to happen if they don’t take an action, are they’re going to be in the same place that they always have been, where you’re sitting on a dark cold damp kitchen not being able to entertain and having a bit of anxiety when anybody does come around because they feel embarrassed by their kitchen set up. 

And then we can recap, this is the final part. If you’ve got space, if you’ve got time, bullet point them all out, And recap on everything that you’ve just gone through. All right? So guys this isn’t easy but it’s really helpful once you refined it a couple of times. What you need to do is you need to go through this and start filling it out for your position, for your ideal clients and for what you do to help people. Once you’ve done that, step one of filling it out, step two is to send it through, send it through to us and through the team inbox [email protected] And we will refine it. We will critic it with you. And then what you’re going to have once you’ve sent it back and you’ve done some changes as well. Then what you’re going to have is you’re going to have 15 copy blocks that you can take out and put into social media, you can have on your wall in front of you.

So that you know when somebody says or somebody ever asks you, “What, like? Why should I choose you?” Like what makes you different to anybody else you can go to?  And, or you’ve got a full page which is a very specific rundown of exactly why somebody should choose you that you can put onto your learning pages into your info pack or even as a really long foot, long copy blog, post email, or Facebook, Instagram posts and those long copy posts actually do really well. So guys, those are the three steps you need to take, one fill out this sheet, two, send it through for a critic and refinement with us and the team. And three, once it’s finalised put it everywhere, put it in front of you and make sure that you can write really concise copy so that you can actually generate some really specific leads and be able to power through your copy and your marketing a lot quicker.

Watch the video above to see the 15 step offer